When Ghostbusters got here out in 1984, it was a film about three scientists and a man they employed who all got down to show ghosts had been actual, then took on a job making an attempt to seize them. While it was a comedy, the film did go a protracted strategy to present that the principle characters had been principally very sensible males, smarter than nearly everybody else within the film.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife takes a special method, and whereas there are some very sensible folks within the film, these weren’t the good scientists that battled ghosts extra 30 years in the past. Instead, the story is generally about children making an attempt to cease the ghosts whereas the adults of their lives are oblivious to the whole lot occurring round them. Luckily, by the tip of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, the neatest characters assist save the world as soon as once more.

10 Ivo Shandor

A portrait of Ivo Shandor in Ghostbusters.

Ivo Shandor was in Ghostbusters: Afterlife just for a really quick time. Despite that, he performed an important function within the film. Ivo was the person who commissioned the constructing in New York City that housed the launched demon Gozer in the 1984 Ghostbusters movie. He additionally constructed the small city in Oklahoma, planning to release Gozer as soon as once more.

One would assume this made Ivo a really clever man. He was opportunistic and did what wanted to be finished to deliver the demon again once more, however he was removed from sensible. He realized that the arduous approach when he rose and welcomed Gozer again, solely to appreciate the demon needed nothing to do with him.

9 Callie Spengler

Chad looking at a map with Callie in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Callie Spengler had it powerful all through most of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. She is a single mom whose husband left when he realized he could not join with their daughter, Phoebe. She additionally was deserted by her personal father, Egon Spengler, and he or she did not know why.

She confirmed all through the film that she had no real interest in training, though she ensuref that her children stayed at school and labored to get higher. Her disdain for her absent father led to her exhibiting no real interest in science. She is a caring mom, however not anyplace close to the neatest particular person within the film.


8 Lucky Domingo

Lucky, Trevor and Podcast shining flashlights in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Lucky Domingo did not get a lot of a personality arc in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. She was the love curiosity for Trevor, though the film principally simply stored them as mates, seemingly due to their ages. She began out sarcastic after which warmed up and shortly grew to become an ally in preventing ghosts.

There wasn’t sufficient proven of Lucky within the film to find out how sensible she was. She had sufficient brains to hitch the combat, however she by no means did something to match Trevor’s fixing of the Ecto-1. She was principally simply alongside for the journey.

7 Trevor Spengler

Trevor driving the Ecto-1 with Phoebe and Podcast in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Trevor Spengler did not join effectively together with his little sister Phoebe. The purpose is easy: He wasn’t anyplace close to as sensible as she was and, like his mom, he struggled to grasp her due to this. However, Trevor did at the very least display an observant nature.

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While Callie spent many of the film making an attempt to determine what she was going to together with her household, Trevor went out and received a job, met a lady, and proved he was resourceful when he really received the Ecto-1 working once more. He additionally was there for the ultimate combat, standing by his household in opposition to Gozer.

6 Janine Melnitz

Janine greets Callie in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Janine confirmed up solely twice in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, however she proved throughout both appearances in the Ghostbusters cast that she was nonetheless the glue that held the previous crew collectively. When she met Callie and the children, she defined that she took care of paying all Egon’s payments, even thought he was majorly in debt.

She additionally confirmed up on the finish and revealed that she knew that Winston was paying the hire on Ray’s bookstore. From the beginning, she by no means acted like she cared about something, however she was all the time sensible sufficient to verify the blokes did not go underneath.

5 Podcast

Trevor, Phoebe, and Podcast standing by the Ecto-1 in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Podcast was a younger boy who befriended Phoebe Spengler and introduced his love of the supernatural and conspiracy theories into the mysteries of the returning ghosts. As a 12-year-old, he is not the neatest particular person within the room, however in terms of his passions, he’s a strolling encyclopedia.

He may spout off dates and occasions from the previous and he was clearly the Ray of the brand new group of youngsters, particularly together with his enthusiasm. Podcast helped as a lot as anybody else to defeat Gozer, and it was his sensible pondering that received them previous a bump within the street throughout the closing battle.

4 Chad Grooberson

Chad Grooberson with the proton pack in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Chad Grooberson was the substitute trainer who helped Phoebe early on when the children tried to cease the ghosts from invading the small Oklahoma city. He is a seismologist who had been learning the rising variety of earthquakes affecting Summerville, Oklahoma.

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However, even Chad ranks beneath a 12-year-old in intelligence for one huge purpose. Chad is somebody who would not exhibit self-control. He put children in peril, joking  that does not so is what science is all about. He additionally discovered himself in peril and wanted a gaggle of kids to rescue him in the long run.

3 Gozer

Gozer in Ghostbusters.

Gozer is clearly one of many smartest characters in each Ghostbusters motion pictures during which the entity appeared. As an and highly effective demon, Gozer is aware of greater than nearly anybody else, but it surely additionally has an enormous downfall that retains its intelligence beneath that of the smarter and extra resourceful people who helped defeat it.

Gozer is boastful and believes itself superior to all different beings, pure or supernatural. This is an evident weak point as a result of Gozer by no means noticed the defeat coming when the original Ghostbusters and a gaggle of kids used their wits and wills to defeat the demon as soon as once more.

2 Dr. Egon Spengler

Phoebe looking at Egon's uniform in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Each of the unique Ghostbusters had a selected skillset, though at the very least three of them had been of the best of intelligence. Out of these three, it was Egon Spengler who was the smartest. He proved this later when he realized that the battle with Gozer was not over, and he created a tool that ultimately saved the world as soon as once more.

Egon even confirmed up within the film as a ghost and helped his granddaughter determine learn how to cease the ghosts and defeat Gozer as soon as and for all. He was, as soon as once more, the neatest man within the film.

1 Phoebe Spengler

Phoebe shooting at ghosts in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

The smartest character in Ghostbusters: Afterlife was Phoebe Spengler. She was a 12-year-old woman who inherited her grandfather’s intelligence and was somebody whom her personal mother and father could not perceive. However, she knew how sensible she was and displayed it all through the whole film.

Phoebe discovered that her grandfather, Egon, was there. She realized that the ghosts had been actual and got here up with the plan to cease them. Every step of the way in which, she was forward of everybody else in determining the hazards and learn how to resolve them. She eclipsed even her grandfather in intelligence.

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