Ghost Rider is an insanely highly effective Marvel character, however that energy is elevated exponentially after he merged with one monstrous MCU villain.

While Ghost Rider alone is definitely one of many strongest characters within the Marvel Universe, he isn’t capable of unlock his full potential till he combines with a cosmically highly effective villain who almost defeated Doctor Strange within the MCU – a darkish mixture that proves to be Ghost Rider’s strongest kind.

Johnny Blaze became Ghost Rider after making a cope with Mephisto to promote his personal soul in trade for therapeutic his adopted father of his deadly sickness. While Mephisto fortunately obliged, he later orchestrated the dying of the very man Johnny bought his soul to save lots of, a sinister trick that additional tormented Blaze whereas additionally linking him to Mephisto for all eternity. Rather than dragging him to hell, Mephisto positioned a demonic entity inside Blaze, turning him into the Spirit of Vengeance. With this hellish present additionally got here a slew of otherworldly powers together with hellfire manipulation, demonic magic manipulation, interdimensional journey, and being just about immortal.


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In Ghost Rider #30 by Roger McKenzie and Don Perlin, Ghost Rider is all of the sudden transported to Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum the place the Master of the Mystic Arts is in the midst of an epic battle with Dormammu. In reality, it was Dormammu who introduced Ghost Rider to this place as he wished to own the Spirit of Vengeance and use the demonic antihero as his avatar within the bodily world. When Ghost Rider arrived, each he and Doctor Strange had been too surprised to react, however Dormammu was prepared and rapidly inserted his consciousness into Ghost Rider, successfully taking on his physique.

Ghost Rider's strongest form came from merging with one MCU villain.

When Dormammu was possessing Ghost Rider and merged his magic with that of the Spirit of Vengeance, the ensuing entity that the unholy alliance created was unimaginably highly effective. Dormammu is an elder demon of his own dimension, a residing most cancers that consistently works to cross over to the bodily world and corrupt the whole universe, one thing that will be nicely inside his energy stage to perform. Luckily Doctor Strange and the very essence of Johnny Blaze had been capable of finding a method to beat him, but when they hadn’t, this Ghost Rider/Dormammu hybrid may have simply taken over the world.

With Ghost Rider’s entry to demonic magic and dimension touring merged with Dormammu’s mastery of each type of darkish magic conceivable – to not point out the truth that Ghost Rider is principally unkillable – nothing would be capable of cease the onslaught that will ensue if Dormammu had defeated Strange and escaped the Sanctum with Ghost Rider as his puppet. Ghost Rider’s strongest kind combines him with a powerful MCU villain, and whereas it wasn’t totally realized earlier than it was stopped, that kind had the potential to decimate the whole Marvel Universe.

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