Chae Jong Hyub made his debut in 2018 with Come and Hug Me nevertheless it took him a great 3 years to essentially put his title on the radar along with his function on Nevertheless because the lovable Yang Do Hyuk, also called Potato Boy. As he continues to steal hearts left, proper, and middle, right here some little-known details concerning the star!

1. He studied abroad

During an look on Amazing Saturday, he revealed that he had studied overseas in South Africa for 3 years till he was 21, the place he returned to South Korea to pursue a profession in performing. He has but to point out off his English abilities although. Prior to that, he studied for a 12 months in Thailand.

2. He has appeared in net dramas previous to his small-screen debut

He starred in two seasons of Getting Through Today Fine Too (literal translation) by Krispy Studio. Unfortunately, no English subtitles can be found.

3. His present favourite track

He shared that his present favourite track was Tayo Sound‘s “Nervous”. Take a pay attention under. Chae Jong Hyub additionally shared he does probably not hearken to K-Pop or Korean music and prefers pop songs.

4. His English title is Jimmy

Although it was not publicly introduced, in a world on-line interview he as soon as did about Sisyphus, the interviewers constantly referred to him as Jimmy.

5. He was once a mannequin

At 186cm tall, it’s no shock that he would have been a mannequin! Chae Jong Hyub reportedly tried his hand at being a mannequin in South Africa, however when issues didn’t take off as he hoped, he moved again to South Korea to pursue a profession right here.

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As he’s nonetheless comparatively new to the showbiz, there’s not a lot different details about the cutie. Stay tuned for extra information about Chae Jong Hyub!

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