Last week on Star Trek: Picard, Kore (Isa Briones) has begun to comprehend her father, Dr. Adam Soong (Brent Spiner) is probably not the person she thought he was. Raffi (Michelle Hurd) and Seven (Jeri Ryan) tracked Borg Jurati (Alison Pill) by way of the downtown L.A. Meanwhile, Rios (Santiago Cabrera) reveals most likely greater than he ought to should Teresa (Sol Rodriguez) and her son, Ricardo (Steve Gutierrez). After Guinan (Ito Aghayere) tries to summon a Q unsuccessfully, she and  Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart)  are taken into FBI custody.

Did you catch Patrick Stewart‘s real-life spouse, Sunny Ozell, in final week’s episode? Ozell was the singer within the bar that Borg Jurati enters in downtown Los Angeles.

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In “Mercy,” this week’s episode of Star Trek: Picard, the clock is ticking down on the launch of the Europa Mission. Picard and Guinan should discover a manner out of FBI custody as they’re interrogated by an FBI detective (Jay Karnes).

Seven and Raffi proceed to trace Jurati and shortly come face-to-face together with her and the horror of what she’s change into. Has the Borg Queen (Annie Wersching) absolutely assimilated Jurati? Is there any hope Jurati will be capable to struggle again?

After studying extra of her origins and those who got here earlier than her, Kore confronts her father.

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Now that Rios has revealed who he’s and launched Teresa and her son to his ship, La Sirena, he begins intensive diagnostics on his ship for any Borg code Jurati and the Borg Queen might have slipped into its mainframe. Later, Rios and Teresa have a second.

New episodes of Star Trek: Picard drop Thursdays at midnight PT on Paramount+.

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