Genshin Impact gamers can learn how to unlock the Konda Village nicely within the “A Strange Story in Konda” sidequest on this brief information.

When Genshin Impact gamers arrive in Inazuma, there’s an amazing quantity of sidequests and actions for them to uncover and full. One of the primary sidequest chains that Genshin Impact gamers might encounter is “A Strange Story in Konda.”

In this aspect quest, Genshin Impact gamers are tasked with uncovering the key the individuals of Konda village try to cover. To begin the aspect quest, head to the Konda village waypoint and converse with Kazari.

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After talking with Kazari, gamers should use an Electro character’s ability/burst on the fox statue. Using this capacity will activate the statue and grant gamers a “ward” that may enable them to progress additional into the search.


Once gamers have obtained the ward, they have to then head to Konda and interview the village locals about any unusual occurrences. To proceed the search, converse with Futaba, Konda Densuke, Takeru and Saimon Eri.

After talking with every of the aforementioned villagers, gamers will now have three clues regarding unusual occurrences that they have to examine. The three websites that gamers should examine embody a cart to the north of Konda, a crate on the river to the east, and a nicely behind Konda Densuke’s home.

well coin pouch

Players will obtain a clue upon investigating every of the websites. After finishing every investigation, return to Konda Densuke, and submit every of the clues acquired from every investigation web site.

Once the participant has confronted Konda Densuke with the proof, they have to then acquire his diary situated on the roof of his home. The diary will reveal the important thing to opening the nicely which is situated in an deserted home east of Konda.

At this location, gamers should first defeat a small group of thieves earlier than they’re able to dig the bottom on the deserted home to acquire the “old key.”

key location

Return to the nicely, and work together with the lock with the outdated key. Once the nicely has been opened gamers can now descend into it.

Once inside, gamers will discover an exquisite chest and a breakable wall to the appropriate. After breaking the wall, proceed down the lengthy hall earlier than reaching a big room.

In the massive room, gamers should work together with the electrogranum summoner with the intention to proceed by means of the purple barrier.

After continuing by means of the purple barrier, gamers will attain a big Tori Gate. Interact with the small shrine in entrance of the gate and purify it with the ward obtained in the beginning of the search.

ward shrine

To full the Genshin Impact puzzle gamers should set the shrines within the order they seem on the constellation from backside to prime. Once gamers have set the shrines so as from 1-5, pray on the preliminary shrine one closing time to set off a mini-boss battle.

tori gate puzzle

After finishing the boss battle, gamers can have accomplished this primary portion of the aspect quest chain. However, earlier than exiting the nicely gamers ought to be sure that to acquire the “rust worn key” situated behind the purple barrier to the east of the Tori gate as it will likely be required in a while within the quest chain.

key location

Genshin Impact is offered for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch model in improvement.

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