Genshin Impact gamers can discover out all of the steps required to destroy the barrier within the Sacrificial Offering sidequest on this brief information.

After fixing the thriller of the effectively in Konda village, the following sidequest Genshin Impact gamers will unlock is “Sacrificial Offering”. In the search, Genshin Impact gamers are tasked with breaking a second barrier with the intention to cleanse the roots of the Thunder Sakura tree.

To begin the search, gamers should head to the abandoned shrine northeast of Konda Village. While there isn’t a marker to establish its location at first, the shrine will be discovered by following the trail that leads northeast up Mt. Yougou.

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After discovering the situation of the shrine, Genshin Impact gamers should work together with the big fox statue. Engraved on the statue is a touch that tells the traveler to seek out the three guardians within the space.

fox statue

The three guardians are the ghostly apparitions that gamers might have encountered on the way in which as much as the shrine. Each of the ghosts will be discovered alongside the primary path main as much as the big shrine.

Once gamers have interacted with all three, head again to the big fox statue and work together with the ghost in entrance of it. Players ought to now discover two of the apparitions seem subsequent to the fox statues close by.


From the fox statue, head again to the primary shrine constructing and work together with the apparition on the roof. This will trigger the ghost to teleport one ultimate time behind the tree close to the big fox statue.

ghost behind tree

After interacting with the apparition for a ultimate time, three exquisite chests will spawn subsequent to the smaller fox statues. Players should then work together with the glowing ebook within the middle of the three smaller fox statues.

exquisite chest spawn

With no clear method of continuing additional, the Traveller should then go to the Grand Narukami Shrine and communicate with Inagi Hitomi with the intention to acquire the Memento Lens. The Memento Lens is a gadget that have to be manually geared up within the participant’s stock and operates in an identical solution to the Kurious Kamera from the Five Flushes of Fortune occasion.

Players should then head again to the fox shrine location and apply it to the varied smaller fox statues scattered all through the realm. There are a complete of seven fox statues that gamers should scan, and they are often recognized by utilizing elemental imaginative and prescient which is able to trigger them to glow white.

memento lens

Once gamers have scanned all seven fox statues, head to the big fox statue and work together with it. Players should then choose the next dialogue prompts so as; “In the name of Narukami’s envoy“, “And of the Hakushin bloodline“, “Bring forth the fried tofu!”

statue answers

Obtain the ward from the statue, and head down in the direction of the small physique of water situated close by. At the small pond, gamers will discover a gate that they’re able to unlock with the Rust Worn key that was obtained within the earlier quest.

Once contained in the cave, gamers will discover one other Tori Gate puzzle that they have to resolve. To resolve the puzzle, set the primary shrine within the first place, the center shrine within the second place, and the three shrines on the prime within the third place.

After every of the shrines have been set within the appropriate place, pray on the first shrine. This will trigger a ultimate miniboss to spawn, and when he’s defeated it will conclude the second a part of the questline and reward gamers with 40 primogems.

Genshin Impact is on the market for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch model in growth.

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