Genelia Deshmukh is likely one of the coolest mothers in Bollywood and there’s no denying that. She has been taking good care of two sons with utmost love and care. Today is her youthful son Rahyl’s birthday and to rejoice the identical, she took to Instagram to share a video compilation of a few of their lovable moments.

She captioned it as, “My Dearest Rahyl, Today’s your birthday and I want to take every opportunity to tell you how much you mean to me.. I’m not a perfect mum, I make mistakes, I lose my cool, I forget things and there are days I go a little crazy ..But in all of the worse things I am, there’s a little boy who looks at me with aww and wonder and makes me feel I am the best mother in world and that you little Rahyl..Thank you for all the morning hugs, for the endless cuddles, for always being understanding and assuring me you got my back, when it should be the other way around and for just being you..That boy who makes me believe I did something right in life.. The boy who just stole my heart away…Happy Birthday My Miracle.”


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