Which facet does the group attraction to extra?

LE SSERAFIM is likely one of the prime fourth-generation K-Pop teams dominating the market each domestically and throughout the globe. In lower than a yr of their debut, the group has managed to amass a following of tens of millions (5.1 million to be precise, including up simply their Instagram and Twitter followers). But which demographic do they attraction to probably the most? A latest breakdown of LE SSERAFIM’s fan assembly attendees has given netizens some stunning perception into it.

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There are a number of analytical charts being shared by netizens on-line, however the approximate stays the identical throughout these. One of the charts reveals that followers that attended the group’s fansign consisted of 42.4% of males and 57.6% of females. In one other chart, the ratio is 44.1% males to 44.9% females. A 3rd chart confirmed the numbers to be 47.7% males versus 52.3% females. Regardless of the completely different information sources, it seems that LE SSERAFIM has a barely bigger feminine fanbase in comparison with males.

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There is an older research that places these numbers slightly bit extra into perspective. In October final yr, Kyobo Research Center printed a statistical research the place it broke down the customer demographic of a number of fourth-generation woman teams, together with LE SSERAFIM, primarily based on gross sales recorded by the e-commerce platform Aladdin. In that research, it confirmed that 52% of the group’s album purchases had been executed by males and 48% by ladies. Though the parameters are completely different, it’s doable that the group has garnered extra feminine followers over the previous couple of months, resulting in the tipping over of the chances.

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The latest charts additionally confirmed that the group is the preferred amongst individuals of their 20s, which accounts for greater than 50% of the attendees at their fansigns. This is adopted by youngsters, who represent round 20% of the overall attendees.

Netizens had been pleasantly stunned by how well-balanced LE SSERAFIM’s fandom is, noting that regardless of many mistaking the group as focused in the direction of anybody gender-specific viewers group, the numbers present they attraction to either side.

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  • “IZ*ONE was male-centric, right? There are two members from that group, so obviously, the gender ratio is similar, LOL. LE SSERAFIM itself as a group seems good enough to attract female fans.”
  • “Both the gender and age ratio is perfect.”
  • “It’s good that people between the age groups of 10-30 make up 90%.”

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  • “I hope they get more female fans.”
  • “Wow, this gender ratio is perfect.”
  • “Seems like people were framing them as this group catered for menㅋㅋ, But they always had more female fans.”
  • “Whoa, I always thought they had more female fans.”
  • “They have more male fans than I expected. I thought that they mostly had female fans.”
Source: theqoo and Instiz

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