As followers come to phrases with their emotions about Shakun Batra‘s latest film, Gehraiyaan, they found an unlikely sounding board in Chandan Roy, the father of one of the film’s writers, Sumit Roy. What started as a proud dad second on Twitter–Sumit’s father shared a poster for the movie, and requested folks to test it out–turned in an AMA session with Chandan Roy responding to trolls, taking suggestions, and providing opinion.

“See the movie. My son Sumit is among the writers,” he wrote in his authentic tweet. Mini Mathur and Richa Chadha had been amongst those that congratulated him and Sumit. Responding to at least one particular person’s sort phrases, Chandan Roy wrote, “Thanks. Actually all those who are giving negative comments don’t have the idea how much struggle a person has to do to reach where he is now. It is very easy to condemn but very tough to go through the grinding.”


And there actually had been numerous adverse feedback. “Sir what was he thinking while writing this movie. Guess he really needs help,” one troll wrote. Chandan replied, “May be it is other way round. You need some some help. Who knows?” Another troll commented, “Tell him to stop writing immediately and enroll into a school,” and Chandan shut him down with: “Looks like the story went above your head. You need to study more to understand this type of movie.”


Another particular person discovered fault with the movie’s use of swear phrases, and wrote, “Sir, good that I found you as had this one question, was he just paid only half the dialogue writer’s money as the other half only is about uttering the four letter word on the loop. No offense Sir, just wanted to get this serious concern from recent OTT movies be reached across.” The proud dad replied, “I never ask my son how much is his earning from each project. So I can’t answer your question. Next time when I talk to him I will ask him. But one thing I must say these days what I see around is young generation is freely using the four words. So people should not mind.”

Responding to a different particular person’s complaints concerning the movie’s ‘poor audio’, Chandan wrote, “I completely agree about the some what poor audio. It could have been better handled. Would convey this to them.”


Gehraiyaan, starring Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday and Dhairya Karwa as 4 millennials caught in an online of lies and deceit, launched on Amazon Prime Video on February 11, to polarising response. While some appreciated the movie’s dealing with of mature themes and the toned-down efficiency of its central forged, others claimed that it wasn’t the movie they had been anticipating. Gehraiyaan has been co-written by Shakun Batra and Ayesha Devitre.

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