While Game Of Thrones grew to become identified for killing off adored characters, one of the outstanding sources of disappointment for followers, there have been many different methods the present managed to interrupt hearts, together with via character quotes. Many of those traces do come inside scenes of dying, however many get full of emotion because of the funding of the followers and the tragedy of the characters themselves.

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For all its later-season flaws, the sequence remains to be adored by its fandom, and plenty of quotes won’t ever fail to tug on the heartstrings, indicative of how excellently written the present was for thus lengthy.


Maester Aemon’s Last Words

“Egg! I Dreamed That I Was Old.”

Maester Aemon lies on his death bed in Game Of Thrones

Many extravagant and epic deaths in Game Of Thrones come by way of battle or betrayal, however Maester Aemon’s is much quieter, subtler whereas managing to be nonetheless emotional.

His last phrases are these that see him name out to his late brother, affectionately referred to as Egg. Aemon is a vital character for Samwell and Jon’s time on the Wall and is one who imparted loads of knowledge over his time. To see him go was exhausting for followers and drastically affected the aforementioned characters.

Catelyn’s Confession

“All This Horror That’s Come To My Family… It’s All Because I Couldn’t Love A Motherless Child.”

Catelyn Stark and Talisa in Game of Thrones

Catelyn Stark is hardly probably the most likable Stark. Her therapy of Jon earns her loads of criticism from followers even to this present day, and this quote is just about her acknowledging that she deserves it.

Talking to Robb’s spouse, Catelyn, reveals her sense of guilt. Her lack of ability to look after Jon or see him as something greater than a mistake of Ned’s isn’t just unhappy because it exhibits how tough Jon had it however can also be unhappy since Ned by no means laid with one other lady; Jon was not his son.

Theon’s Redemption

“Theon. You’re A Good Man. Thank You.”

Many followers consider Theon Greyjoy has one of the best arcs in Game Of Thrones, and his dying in the course of the Battle of Winterfell, by the hands of the Night King, appears to be a implausible second of redemption for the character as he dies defending Bran.

These phrases are spoken to Theon by Bran, proper earlier than the previous expenses for the Night King. It is a second Theon craved deep down that he wanted to listen to. Theon made loads of errors, however he realized them and did his finest to make up for all of them, to repay his money owed to these he had damage, together with Bran, one thing achieved via this quote.

Talisa Stark Talks About Her & Robb’s Future Son

“Don’t You Want To Teach Little Ned Stark How To Ride Horses?”

Oona Chaplin as Talisa and Richard Madden as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones

The Red Wedding will not be solely a colossal second in Game Of Thrones, however it is among the most stunning occasions in tv historical past, heartbreaking and jaw-dropping for all watching. This line by Talisa turns into so saddening in hindsight, due to what went down.

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Talisa and Robb each die brutally on the Red Wedding, and so does their unborn son. It is a harrowing sight for followers and for Catelyn, who screams out in ache due to it. Robb was clearly elated on the prospect of a son he may father as Eddard did him, however that by no means got here to be.

Tyrion’s Iconic Outburst At His Trial

“I Wish I Was The Monster You Think I Am.”

The trial of Tyrion Lannister is some of the best and most iconic Game Of Thrones there’s, and Peter Dinklage’s performing is known, maybe at its finest throughout this iconic, affecting outburst on the folks of King’s Landing.

Tyrion’s complete life had been crammed with folks deeming him a monster, an abnormality, one thing he actually was not. Far from flawless, Tyrion was still the best of the Lannisters, however being consistently referred to as a monster, sat with him and got here out right here in a tirade that noticed him inform the folks of King’s Landing that he needs he may kill all of them.

When Ygritte Dies In Jon Snow’s Arms & Reminisces

“Do You Remember That Cave? We Should Have Stayed In That Cave.”

Ygritte's death scene - Game of Thrones

The romance between Ygritte and Jon Snow is arguably the perfect within the sequence. It ends in usually heartbreaking style as Ygritte dies in Jon’s arms following an arrow from the broadly hated Ollie.

This line comes as certainly one of Ygritte’s final as she has one final change with Jon. That cave and the time she spent with Jon there have been the happiest and most secure both of them had ever actually been, particularly Ygritte. All the heartbreak and struggling that got here after didn’t take away from the love the 2 had for each other, and even followers wish they received to be completely satisfied collectively like they had been in that cave.

Eddard Stark’s Promise To Jon

“The Next Time We See Each Other, We’ll Talk About Your Mother.”

Game of Thrones: Ned Stark and Jon Snow

Due to the advanced nature of lots of Game of Thrones’ storylines, many quotes take a number of episodes and even typically seasons to actually hit residence, together with this line spoken by Ned to Jon in response to the latter asking about his mom.

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The efficiency from Sean Bean right here is great as a result of upon rewatching it, it’s as is that if he is aware of the reality, he is aware of that the R + L = J concept is, in actual fact, true. Ned, in fact, died, and the 2 by no means noticed one another once more, with it being years earlier than Jon came upon the reality, two tragedies on their very own with the younger Snow/Stark/Targaryen having to endure the dying of Ned in addition to the frustration of not even realizing if his mom was alive.

Jaime’s Revelation To Brienne

“By What Right Does The Wolf Judge The Lion? By What Right?!”

While many followers ended up dissatisfied in his dying and the general last hoorah for the character, over eight seasons, Jaime Lannister proved to be one of many present’s most advanced and sensible characters, with many pointing to this scene as proof of that.

Sharing a shower with Brienne, Jaime reveals the reality about what occurred with the Mad King, how he saved many lives in actuality. Referring to Ned’s judgment of him, Jaime breaks down, speaking about how he’s seen as a traitor, as scum, when actually he was doing the appropriate factor. It is unhappy to search out out the reality after the audiences themselves vilify Jaime for thus lengthy. He will not be flawless, Jaime remains both loved and hated by fans, however this complete scene showcases the tragedy of the character and the way he was all the time way over what followers instantly judged him as.

When Davos Confronts Melisandre

“I Loved That Girl. Like She Was My Own. She Was Good, She Was Kind, And You Killed Her!”

Shireen Gets Burned at the Stake in Game of Thrones

This quote comes after the dying of younger Shireen Baratheon, as Ser Davos figures out what Melisandre – together with Stannis – did to the younger princess, brutally burning her on the stake.

Davos breaks down as he tells Melisandre and Jon how he cared for her and adored her. Fans can’t assist however be taken again to Shireen’s harrowing screams as Davos talks. It broke him when he discovered what had occurred, particularly since he would have fortunately cared for her after Stannis’ dying.

Hodor’s Backstory & Sacrifice At Once

“Hold The Door!”

hodor hold the door scene

Fans weren’t prepared for the tragic backstory of Hodor to hit them as exhausting because it did, however his sacrifice to save lots of Bran ended up being one of many saddest scenes in all of Game Of Thrones, and followers will endlessly bear in mind his screams of “Hold the door!” adopted by “Hodor!”

Fans had all the time questioned what had occurred to Hodor if something. It ended up being one of the genius items of storytelling within the present, however that may destroy followers. Seeing younger Wylis scream out in misery, repeating the road again and again, is among the most harrowing photos within the present.

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