The article incorporates movies which have sturdy depictions of ugly violence and loss of life. Viewers discretion suggested.

As House of the Dragon builds to a central battle between Daemon, Aegon, and Rhaenyra, many followers are pressured to suppose again to a battle between different Targaryens in Game of Thrones. After all, it is the kind of battle that the present is sort of definitely on the point of showcase.

While Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow had been definitely enemies by the top of the primary present, in addition they each picked up quite a few different foes alongside the best way, which the three conflicting items in House of the Dragon will certainly do as nicely. Jon Snow, greater than anybody else within the present, made some main enemies.


Catelyn Stark

From the second Jon Snow arrived in Winterfell as an toddler, Catelyn Stark despised him. He was an emblem of Ned Stark’s supposed infidelity, and Catelyn did not know how one can specific that with out taking it out on a boy who had carried out completely nothing mistaken.

If not for Catelyn bullying Jon, it is seemingly he might need averted the Night’s Watch totally. Given that he would have been pressured to remain in Winterfell with a girl who wished him lifeless and refused to let him say a correct goodbye to his brother, Catelyn’s habits was supremely merciless and totally pointless.

Cersei Lannister

Once a queen, then a mom to kings, then lastly a queen once more, Cersei Lannister proved to be a significant menace to the North, the Night’s Watch, and even to the seven kingdoms as a complete. Yet, regardless of all the things, Cersei was a direct enemy to Jon Snow as nicely.

When Jon Snow revealed the existence of the White Walkers, he was promised help that may by no means come. It led him to plan across the hope that they might have the backing of King’s Landing. Instead, he was pressured to manage with out further assist, regardless of attempting to avoid wasting the world. It may have meant the top of Westeros, and it is why Cersei was such an evil villain.

Mance Rayder

Though they spent an extended whereas strolling collectively, and Jon even spared Mance’s agony by taking pictures him earlier than he might be burned to loss of life, they had been nonetheless enemies. Mance was an honorable character, however his targets had been totally in opposition to the curiosity of Jon and the Night’s Watch, and it is why the 2 spent so lengthy at odds.

Mance wished to convey down the Wall or tear open the gates, so he may convey the Free Folk south, however Jon wanted to maintain to his vows. It’s why Jon fought Mance, and it is why Mance was completely comfortable to see Jon both die or fail. The two may have sought peace, given Jon’s later help of the Free Folk, however they by no means managed to get well.

Ramsay Bolton

One of essentially the most brutal characters in Game of Thrones, Ramsay turned a significant enemy to Jon Snow. After capturing Winterfell, Ramsay despatched Jon a threatening message demanding Sansa again and threatening to kill the newly-captive Rickon Stark.

Having carried out the worst thing Ramsay could do by threatening the Starks, he turned Jon’s prompt enemy. Ramsay was additionally smug to understand that it might result in a struggle that Ramsay couldn’t actually win, because of the Stark help within the Vale. Thankfully, Jon was in a position to take Ramsay down, however it solely got here after Rickon’s loss of life.


Jon spent most of Game of Thrones bearing claw-shaped scars alongside his face, and it solely got here as a result of the skinchanger Orell launched after him in an eagle’s physique. The wildling had at all times distrusted Jon, because of the truth that Jon arrived within the wildling camp as a person of the Night’s Watch.

While Orell was proper about Jon, that also did not cease him from shedding his life when Jon lastly determined to betray all of them. Still, Orell haunted Jon from past the grave within the type of his eagle. Though Jon stopped Orell’s fowl, it nonetheless marked him for all times and will simply have killed him, had issues gone even barely in a different way.

Janos Slynt

One of the least competent Game of Thrones villains, Janos Slynt was totally decided to undermine the newly-elected Lord Commander Snow. So, when Jon commanded that he take management of a ruined citadel, Janos refused the command and elected to remain in Castle Black.

In the top, the one decision was that Jon needed to take Janos’ head in response to the noncompliance. Had he not, he might need misplaced the prospect to earn the respect of the Night’s Watch, and Jon would have been a puppet chief for Janos and Alliser. While Janos was additionally pathetic for it to really work, he definitely made an enemy of Jon.

Alliser Thorne

Jon’s enemy from the beginning of his time within the Night’s Watch, Ser Alliser was by no means a fan of Ned’s illegitimate son he named “Lord Snow.” Thanks to his grudge in opposition to the Starks, he despised Jon and was even happy to see him caught on the stewards, as a substitute of given a place on the rangers.

Given that Alliser was very happy to bully Jon and Sam, he completely was Jon’s foe. The indisputable fact that he was later keen to take part in a mutiny in opposition to his personal Lord Commander solely additional worsened their relationship, which is why it made a lot sense that Jon was keen to hold him for it.


A bit boy that Jon took in as his personal steward after the Free Folk attacked his village, Olly seemed like a real ally for Jon. Since the boy was being groomed for command, very like Jon was, it appeared he would actually thrive throughout the Night’s Watch, and Olly even put himself in danger by killing Ygritte for him. Yet, Olly betrayed Jon’s belief after Jon welcomed the Free Folk south.

After taking part within the mutiny, Olly proved that he was a real enemy to Jon. Despite Jon placing his belief within the boy, he was utterly betrayed for his vulnerability. It was clear that it damage Jon to hold the boy, particularly given how shut they had been previous to the heel-turn.

Daenerys Targaryen

Once a girl that Jon actually did love, Daenerys was a good friend and ally. Jon was even keen to bend the knee to her, after she proved keen to rescue potential enemies with the intention to save the Seven Kingdoms from the specter of the White Walker invasion.

Yet, after Daenerys burned King’s Landing, Jon confirmed that they had been enemies by outright murdering Daenerys. Jon’s place as a secret Targaryen contributed to Daenerys’ downfall, because it drove her to the brink. Had they been in a position to resolve the difficulty, they could have lived an extended life collectively. Instead, 1000’s died over Jon’s relationship with Daenerys, and Jon paid the value.

The Night King

Jon Snow’s worst enemy is undoubtedly the ruler of the White Walkers, the Night King. Given that Jon spent all eight seasons of the present making ready for the struggle in opposition to the Walkers, the chief of all the lifeless military was definitely the strongest of Jon’s enemies.

From the second Jon confronted off in opposition to him at Hardhome, it was clear that the present was constructing in direction of a bloody battle between the 2. Given how fierce the combating was in Winterfell, they had been undoubtedly critical opponents, and it is arduous to level to any foe that posed a higher menace to Jon than the one who raised all of his ancestors and tried to kill his household.

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