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It’s been a yr for the reason that servers had been shut down for Friday the thirteenth: The Game. But, because of the current decision of a lawsuit over franchise rights, the sequence has the chance to generate new content material. However, a brand new movie can be simply as if no more possible.

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The recreation was a enjoyable tackle the 40-plus yr sequence began by Friday the 13th (1980) and luckily, it stays playable through native matchmaking. This means avid gamers can nonetheless both expertise or dole out the sport’s cartoonishly grotesque kills.

8 Can Opener

Friday The 13th The Game

This Weapon Kill unique to Friday the thirteenth Part II‘s burlap-sack-adorned Jason is way extra brutal than something seen in that Steve Miner sequel (with the potential exception of a wheelchair-related scene).

Jason has the pickaxe he carried in Part II, certainly one of the better Friday the 13th films, which he whacks right into a counselor’s head. Then, he twists their head all the best way round and pulls. It’s disgusting and really memorable. Like most of the recreation’s different finest Kills, “Can Opener’s” darkish, tongue-in-cheek identify is a plus.

7 Back Breaker

Friday The 13th: The Game

Players can provide their pals nearly the identical destiny Jason gave Sheriff Garris in Friday the thirteenth Part VI: Jason Lives. In that movie, Jason bends the sheriff character again so forcefully that the viewers hears twig-like snapping earlier than the person folds over like a ragdoll

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The “Back Breaker” is what it feels like: Jason lifts the counselor within the air like their weightless then makes use of his knee to snap the sufferer’s backbone. After swiftly ending their life, Jason then throws their physique on the bottom.


6 Pitchfork Lift & Pitchfork Stab

Friday The 13th: The Game kill

These Weapons Kills solely got here with Savini Jason (offered to monetary backers of the sport in addition to a purchasable add-on). If the participant chooses “Pitchfork Lift,” Jason impales then raises a counselor from the bottom. They look each other within the eye earlier than the counselor’s lights exit. Jason then lets gravity do some work and he removes the pitchfork from the physique.

The second, “Pitchfork Stab,” is much more intense. The charred stays of the Crystal Lake psychopath slams a pitchfork by means of the again of a counselor’s head. Two of the prongs protrude from the counselor’s face, leading to a really grisly picture elevated by Jason’s spectacular and oddly lovely fiery-ashy look.

5 The Jarvis

friday the 13th the game jason artwork

As one of many best Jason kills in the Friday the 13th series, “The Jarvis” additionally ranks excessive within the recreation. It’s a recreation of how Tommy Jarvis (Corey Feldman) “killed” the hockey-masked serial killer in Friday the thirteenth: The Final Chapter.

Like in that film, a blade (within the recreation a pig splitter versus Jason’s machete) smacks alongside the facet of the counselor’s face. They stand there momentarily earlier than falling, the power of which leads to the blade slicing additional and additional up as soon as its deal with touches the bottom. “The Jarvis” additionally ranks excessive if just for the way it reveals the sport makers’ franchise reverence.

4 Chin Strike

friday the 13th the game jason

“Chin Strike” is a Weapons Kill unique to the Jason from Friday the thirteenth Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. It’s certainly one of a number of nice kills involving a fireplace ax, identical to the one Jason briefly utilized in that cruise ship-set film.

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Part 8 Jason swings the spiked again half of the hearth ax up into the sufferer’s chin. The kill is very memorable for the counselor’s response, as they attempt to yank it down from out of their face. Jason does this for them however pulls again, not down, yanking their jaw clear off.

3 Eye Gouge

Kenny getting strangled by Jason at night in Friday the 13th: The Game.

It would not be an unpopular Friday the 13th opinion to say this kill is one thing that most likely ought to have been in certainly one of Jason’s films by now. He’s gone for eyes earlier than, however this has at all times been extra of a Michael Myers transfer.

It’s not unique to any variation of the character, both, making it equally accessible to starting gamers. Jason grabs the counselor by their head and jams his thumbs into their eyes. He then yanks his now-bloody thumbs out of the sufferer’s eye sockets and lets them fall to the bottom useless.

2 Crotch Chop

Sheldon runs away from Jason at night in Friday the 13th: The Game.

Jason’s “Crotch Chop” is brutal. It’s unique to Friday the thirteenth Part III‘s Jason and is considerably harking back to how he dispatched of the hand-standing Andy in that movie.

In that movie Jason slams down a machete, splitting the younger man in half. The counselors in Friday the 13th: The Game obtain comparable therapy, however Jason makes use of an ax. He pushes the counselor down forcefully and slams the ax down of their crotch. Then, for good measure, he whacks it into their throat.

1 Shishkebab

Eric LaChappa screms in terror as Jason raises his spear in Friday the 13th: The Game.

“Shishkebab” is unique to Part VI Jason and it alone is nearly sufficient to save lots of him from being one of many worst variations.

Jason jams the spear he utilized in Friday the thirteenth Part VI: Jason Lives into the bottom so the purpose is dealing with up. He grabs the counselor by the top and yanks them in the direction of it. Then, he pushes their head so the spear mainly goes in a single ear and out the opposite. Jason then rips the spear out from their head. It’s vicious and makes the participant wish it had been utilized in a movie.

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