This ARMY did god’s work once they tweeted at French president, Emmanuel Macron, asking him to stream BTS‘s new tune, “Butter”. Macron had posted a tweet asking the French youth what they’d spend 300 euros on in the event that they had been supplied a price range for tradition arts together with books, music, films, live shows, and extra. He requested for the general public to reply with quote tweets.

This younger ARMY took issues into her personal fingers when she replied she would spend it on “A concert held by BTS. Thank you. And, stream BTS’s “Butter”, Mr. President.

What amazed folks much more, was the truth that Macron himself retweeted this request! Although he in all probability couldn’t instantly tweet out the music video, it was adequate that he thought to retweet it, spreading the phrase about BTS’s newest single.

Well, if the French president tells us to take action, we’d butter! Make certain to observe BTS’s latest hit under.

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