Chun Woo Won, the grandson of former South Korean president Chun Doo Hwan, has lately brought about a stir in South Korea together with his obvious whistleblowing on his family. He alleged that his relations have been residing on illicit funds, have dedicated crimes, and that his grandfather was a “slaughterer.”

Chun Woo Won | @JesusChrist0123/YouTube

I feel my grandfather was a slaughterer. He shouldn’t be a hero that defended his nation, however merely a felony.

—Chun Woo Won

Chun Doo Hwan is remembered in South Korea’s historical past as an iron-fisted army dictator who ran an authoritarian authorities from 1980 to 1988. During the Gwangju Democratic Uprising of May 1980, Chun’s army junta suppressed residents protesting towards its regime brutally. The official data say round 144 civilians died, and 127 have been left injured throughout these protests. But these figures are extremely disputed. Based on stories by overseas press sources and critics of the Chun Doo Hwan administration, it has been argued that the precise loss of life toll was within the 1000 to 2000 vary.

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Chun Doo Hwan

But Chun’s crimes weren’t restricted to political oppression. In 1997, the Supreme Court discovered him responsible of treason, bribery, and different crimes and gave him a loss of life sentence. It was later commuted to a life sentence, and at last, a presidential pardon launched him from jail. Upon his release, Chun was ordered to forfeit [KRW] 220 billion for amassing slush funds, however the former dictator refused to pay the quantity, arguing that he had solely [KRW] 290,00 [/krw] left to his title. He died in November 2021 on the age of 90, and as of final October, state prosecutors have been in a position to gather solely [KRW]127.9 billion [/krw], which accounts for 58% of the whole forfeit.

But Chun Woo Won’s latest revelations have introduced new consideration to the case, because it straight opposes Chun Doo Hwan’s poverty declare. The 27-year-old grandson of the previous dictator went on a posting spree on March 15, claiming that his complete household has been residing luxurious lives because of the massive slush funds of his grandfather. He additionally stated that these slush funds may nonetheless be discovered on the home in Seoul’s Yeonhui-dong, the place Chun Doo Hwan’s widow, Lee Soon Ja, at present lives.

I may go to high school within the United States as I used to be given thousands and thousands of received from an unknown supply yearly… At least 1 billion received was used for my training. That wouldn’t have been clear cash.

—Chun Woo Won, Yonhap News Agency

He talked about that his uncles most likely obtained even greater quantities of cash. Chun Woo Won posted a number of video clips, making some damaging claims about his father and grandmother straight. In one video, he revealed that his father has been fabricating authorized papers to hide his crimes in Korea and claiming he’s a Christian preacher to realize U.S. citizenship. He additionally stated that the third son of the previous president at present runs a vineyard in Napa Valley. “Only those who have astronomical money can enter the winery business. I can smell dark money here,” Woo Won claimed.

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Chun Woo Won posted an image of him with Chun Doo Hwan.

He additionally posted a video of an previous girl taking part in display golf at house, which he later revealed was his grandmother Lee Joon Ja. Chun Jae Young, the daddy of Woo Won, dismissed all of his claims, saying that his son was unwell and it was his fault that he couldn’t handle him higher. However, Woo Won had uploaded data of his medical remedy displaying that he was match to work, anticipating that his household would seemingly declare that he was mentally incapacitated. He talked about that he was working within the strategic consulting division of EY in New York.

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Screengrab from a video of Lee Joon Ja taking part in display golf on Chun Woo Won’s Instagram 

Chun Woo Won additionally claimed he had tried to take his personal life to flee his “sins and pain.” He disclosed the names and social media profiles of a few of his acquaintances whom he accused of drug use and intercourse crimes. Two of the accused are two Air Force officers. After Chun’s allegations, the Ministry of National Defense stated it’s reviewing whether or not the accusations must be investigated.

On Thursday, March 16, Chun went reside on YouTube at 4 p.m., claiming to “reveal everything” about his household. During the published, he apologized for his and his household’s crimes after which introduced that he would donate half of his cash to the general public, making a $52,265 USD donation to UNICEF in actual time. Additionally, he confessed to utilizing LSD and weed and stated he can be the primary to get arrested since he, too, is likely one of the criminals.

Following this declaration, he appeared to begin utilizing medicine on the livestream and confirmed indicators of hallucination. He began begging for his life when the police, the hearth automobiles, and an ambulance confirmed up in entrance of his condo. The livestream went on for an additional hour earlier than the authorities entered the home, and Chun was escorted out on a stretcher. The ambulance took him to a hospital, and the video was faraway from YouTube for violating platform guidelines. The New York police denied any touch upon Chun’s present situation.

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The police and hearth authorities in entrance of Chun Woo-won’s condo on Thursday | Korea JoonAng Daily

Chun Woo Won’s whistleblowing has made fairly some noise on Korean on-line boards, the place the general public has proven concern for the younger man’s security.

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| theqoo

  • “Wow, he’s quite a religious person… I’m rooting for him, and I hope he is safe.”
  • “I’m worried if he’s safe with this crazy government around.”
  • “It must’ve been hard….”
  • “Are the reporters going to cover this? We don’t have reporters, we only have garbage instead.”
  • “Imagine if everyone around you is abnormal and you’re the only normal one. That has to hurt… He’s amazing.”

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| theqoo

  • “I’m rooting for you!.”
  • “This must be the time when society and the media cover this up. ㅠㅠI pray for his safety.”
  • “Wow.”
  • “This is the real function of religion. I’m rooting for you.”
Source: Korea Herald and Theqoo

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