Listen, I like plenty of my options, however I’ve a bone to choose with my eyelashes. They’re skinny, sparse, stick-straight, and brief. And whereas a number of the best mascaras can improve them, it is solely to a sure extent. Mascaras could make my lashes look outlined, however the product additionally weighs them down and would not actually give me that “eye-popping,” lush impact that I dream of.

There was a degree in my life once I did have probably the most wonderful lashes that obtained me a ton of compliments. But that was once I was on these eye drops for my glaucoma that had very related substances to Latisse, so my eyelashes had been full and thick and delightful. My eye physician has since switched me over to completely different drops as a part of my routine, so I’m again to my pure state.

Needless to say, I’m all the time searching for merchandise that can provide my lashes some life. Growth serums, highly rated mascaras… I’ll strive all of them. So it was solely becoming that I give heated eyelash curlers a strive. I exploit a daily eyelash roller just about every single day since I discover that curled eyelashes make my lashes and eyes pop (particularly since my lashes usually level downward). So I used to be intrigued at what a heated one would do. And if we’re being utterly sincere right here, I used to be fearful concerning the warmth issue. Would I burn my eyeballs or singe my already-sparse lashes? Well, I used to be prepared to seek out out.

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