A artistic FNAF: Security Breach fan has designed a Furby impressed by Glamrock Freddy, making for a really completely different sort of animatronic buddy.

A fan of FNAF: Security Breach has cleverly reimagined the sport’s Glamrock Freddy as a really completely different kind of animatronic – a basic Furby. FNAF: Security Breach‘s Glamrock animatronics put an 80s spin on some acquainted – and a few new – faces from throughout the FNAF collection, and Glamrock Freddy even turns into a buddy of the hero Gregory, not like earlier iterations of Freddy.

FNAF: Security Breach focuses closely on a glam-rock aesthetic, seen not simply in its animatronics, but in addition by the design of the world gamers discover themselves in – Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex. With its brilliant colours, enjoyable character equipment, and really nostalgic arcade to discover, FNAF: Security Breach has impressed its many artistic gamers to design fan artwork, cosplay, and extra, a lot of which presents a brand new spin on the sport and its characters. As properly as imagining a brilliant future for Gregory and Glamrock Freddy by artwork, one participant has even designed their very own FNAF Fazwatch through 3D printing, paying homage to Glamrock Freddy himself.


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Redditor Bluebird-Extreme has paid their very own homage to FNAF: Security Breach‘s Glamrock Freddy with their hand-crafted Furby based mostly on the animatronic. The Furby comes full with Freddy’s signature orange fur, hat, and lighting bolt design, making for an ideal Furby model of Gregory’s finest buddy. Once touted by Hasbro as an “animatronic wonder,” a Furby is greater than a becoming toy for a Glamrock Freddy recreation, and the lovely creature has been a success on Reddit.

Just like FNAF‘s many animatronic characters, Furby toys are both seen as we speak as cute or terrifying, with the latter picture not helped by the creatures’ robotic speech, and tales of the toys reacting and talking even when house owners have put them away. Along with Glamrock Freddy, there are a host of other FNAF characters that might make for a wonderful Furby creation, with smaller enemies like FNAF 4‘s Freddles being a very good choice resulting from their quick stature.

The Five Nights at Freddy’s collection has seen loads of official merchandise through the years, however precise animatronics much like Bluebird-Extreme’s Furby would doubtless be a success with the franchise’s many followers. The FNAF Furby has seen over 2,000 upvotes on Reddit on the time of writing, proving there’s positively curiosity in gamers taking their very own Glamrock Freddy residence with them. Furbies are considerably divisive nowadays, however this simply makes them extra akin to the numerous terrifying-yet-oddly-lovable animatronics from throughout each the sport collection and FNAF: Security Breach.

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Source: Bluebird-Extreme/Reddit

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