Players can discover a whole of 16 Retro CD collectibles which might be scattered across the Pizzaplex in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.

Players can discover 16 Retro CD collectibles in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, however they could have a tough time discovering these small discs that are situated all around the large Pizzaplex. Players might want to seek for the Retro CDs as they’re attempting to outlive, keep away from lethal animatronics, and make it to one of many endings in FNAF: Security Breach. The CDs can solely be discovered after Freddy is upgraded with Montgomery Gator’s claws in addition to Roxanne Wolf’s eyes, and Gregory must be inside Freddy to see them.

There are many collectibles to search out all through FNAF: Security Breach, however discovering all of them would require lots of exploring and much more sneaking round. Enemies like S.T.A.F.F. Bots or animatronics will probably be continually roaming across the Pizzaplex in search of any alternative to search out and assault Gregory. Players can transfer utilizing Freddy to keep away from Gregory’s potential captors, however his battery depletes shortly, and there are some objects gamers might want to discover with out him.


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Along with collectibles in thriller containers, such because the Monty Mask in FNAF: Security Breach, gamers will be capable to discover Retro CDs sitting out across the Pizzaplex. Most of them are pretty simple to identify if gamers are searching for them whereas inside Freddy, however a couple of of the CDs require extra thorough exploration. Players might want to discover all 16 Retro CDs in FNAF: Security Breach earlier than ending the sport by selecting an ending at 6:00 am.

Retro CD Collectible Locations in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

FNAF Every Retro CD Location Karaoke Room CD

Players might want to decommission each Roxanne Wolf and Montgomery Gator, two of FNAF: Security Breach‘s scariest characters, with a view to discover and take heed to the Retro CDs. Upgrading Freddy with Roxy’s eyes will give him the flexibility to see the Retro CD collectibles, and Monty’s claws permit Freddy to entry new areas, together with the key room the place gamers can take heed to the CDs. Before attending to this hidden room, gamers might want to discover all 16 Retro CDs in FNAF: Security Breach.

  • Atrium: Players can discover this Retro CD in the course of the atrium on the primary flooring simply above the nostril of the big Freddy define on the ground.
  • Atrium Near Rockstar Row Entrance: Players can discover this Retro CD by heading to the Atrium and shifting towards Rockstar Row. At the stage the place a cartoon Freddy and Bonnie are proven within the background, gamers can discover the CD beneath the microphone on the base of the stage.
  • Rockstar Row Entrance: At the doorway of Rockstar Row, there is a pointing Helpy cutout, and the CD is above its hand.
  • Rockstar Row: Players can find this CD within the mouth of the cardboard kraken monster close to the ship in Rockstar Row.
  • Mazercise: In FNAF: Security Breach‘s Mazercise, gamers can discover a CD in Freddy’s mouth on the soda machines.
  • Bonnie Bowl: Inside Bonnie Bowl, there is a stage with the curtain down, and gamers can discover the CD on the sting of the ‘Closed’ signal.
  • Kid’s Cove: The Kid’s Cove Retro CD is contained in the partly open treasure chest.
  • Roxy Raceway: Players can head to the bumper vehicles inside Roxy Raceway to discover a CD on the seat of one of many vehicles.
  • Roxy Raceway Salon: Inside Roxy Raceway, there is a photoshoot arrange, and the Retro CD will probably be hooked up to the Roxy plushie standing on the backdrop.
  • Fazer Blast: This CD may be discovered within the trophy case contained in the Fazer Blast Arena.
  • West Arcade: Players can discover this Retro CD on high of the microphone within the second karaoke room.
  • Chica’s Bakery: Players might want to go to the big golden cupcake inside Chica’s Bakery in FNAF: Security Breach to search out the CD.
  • Rehearsal Stage: Players can discover this CD behind Rockstar Row on the rostrum on the Rehearsal Stage.
  • Monty’s Mini Golf: The Monty’s Mini Golf Retro CD may be discovered above the golf gap on high of the balcony.
  • Maintenance Tunnel: While inside Freddy, gamers have to go to the upkeep tunnels from the start of the sport and discover the CD close to the summary Freddy drawing above a sofa.
  • Maintenance Tunnel Gated Area: Players might want to head to the spot the place Vanessa first speaks to Freddy within the Maintenance Tunnel. Next to the medical sales space is a gated space that Freddy can open after he is upgraded with Monty’s claws, which can be found in direction of the end of FNAF: Security Breach. Players can head up the steps and discover the CD being held by a Foxy plushie within the again room.

FNAF Every Retro CD Location CD on Closed Stage

The final two Retro CDs have been beforehand discovered on the Prize Counter and close to the El Chips restaurant. However, the newest 1.04 patch, which was launched on December 23, 2021, has moved these remaining two Retro CDs to new places within the gated part of the Maintenance Tunnel and the Atrium close to the Rockstar Row entrance. Players can discover the brand new Retro CDs so long as they’ve up to date their sport with the newest patch. The CDs have been positioned in new places within the Pizzaplex to keep away from the glitches that have been occurring within the authentic spots through which Freddy was unable to entry and, subsequently, determine them. Although the places have modified, the messages on these two CDs stay the identical.

After accumulating all the Retro CDs in FNAF: Security Breach, gamers can take heed to them in a hidden room, however they might want to have decommissioned Montgomery Gator and upgraded Freddy together with his claws. The room is situated within the service tunnels that gamers undergo in the beginning of the sport. Players can now break by means of the fences within the space the place they beforehand escaped Montgomery Gator in FNAF: Security Breach. There’s a observe describing a hidden room, and the door will probably be revealed by taking an image with the Faz Camera.

Players will discover a Sister Location room within the hidden space, and there is one other thriller on the wall that gamers can attempt to decode. Inside the Sister Location room, gamers will be capable to take heed to the 16 Retro CDs they collected in FNAF: Security Breach. Each CD offers gamers some perception into Vanessa’s historical past by means of recorded remedy periods. Players can uncover a number of new secrets and techniques about Vanessa by accumulating each FNAF: Security Breach Retro CD collectible.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is on the market for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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