Fire breaks out in Na Umar Ki Seema Ho actor Rakesh Paul’s constructing

Actor Rakesh Paul was all set to depart for his shoot this morning round 10:50 am when he noticed a hearth escape in his constructing in Malad. The actor shared a video on his social media account the place one of many flats on the second ground will be seen engulfed in fireplace.

Rakesh talked about it in an interview and stated, “I was about to leave for my shoot when the fire alarm started ringing in our 28-story building. We realized that it was a fire alarm in the A wing of the complex. The fire broke out on the second floor. The entire wing was immediately evacuated, but the girl who lived in the flat which caught fire was struggling to come out. She came to her window grill and everyone asked her to wait for a few seconds until they could get her a slide. But she was panicking seeing the fire and she jumped out, and is now hospitalized.”

He added, “Everything happened all of a sudden and naturally people were panicking. Luckily, the action was taken immediately because our building is well equipped. The security staff used fire extinguishers and managed the situation. Soon the fire brigade came and got everything under control, and then we all felt safe. It’s so important for every building to have all these safety measures in place. You never know when there can be an emergency and all this will come to use. I am thankful that my building was well-equipped to face such what happened.”

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