Final Fantasy XIV options a number of distinctive Mounts that Warriors of Light can rapidly and nearly effortlessly earn by way of doing particular actions.

Collecting Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV could be a demanding course of, and though there are a number of Mounts awarded to Warriors of Light as they organically progress by way of the MSQ, gamers would possibly wish to know of different Mounts they will purchase which are simply earned and never merely handed to them. Despite being uncomplicated to acquire, these unique Mounts in FFXIV may also help gamers stand out in a crowd with out the necessity to put numerous hours into grinding or finishing difficult content material.

Before itemizing the best Mounts to get in Final Fantasy XIV, it’s important to say a number of the Mounts that gamers will effortlessly unlock by taking part in by way of the sport and its expansions. For instance, the Chocobo and black Magitek Armor are earned naturally throughout A Realm Reborn. Furthermore, the Black Chocobo, Manacutter, and Midgardsormr are quest rewards through the Heavensward storyline. While these free Mounts could possibly be thought of “easy to get,” they’re excluded since they’re mechanically introduced to the participant with none necessities.


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The first most accessible distinctive Mount FFXIV gamers can get hold of is the Antelope Stag. This Mount is acquired by buying and selling Fête Token ×30 with Enie in The Firmament of Heavensward. However, on account of Antelope Stags being so generally obtained, there was a constant surplus of them on the Market Boards of many Data Centers. As a end result, gamers should purchase the Antelope Stag Mount for a number of thousand Gil and incessantly even much less.

Easy Mounts To Unlock First In FFXIV

Easy Mounts To Unlock First In FFXIV

The subsequent three extraordinarily simple Mounts to amass in Final Fantasy XIV are the Behemoth, Magitek Death Claw, and Voidal Resonator. Both could be bought from Jonathas in Old Gridania at X:10.6 and Y:6.2. These three Mounts every value Achievement Certificate ×6, a forex effortlessly and naturally by way of gameplay. Since achievements could be earned by way of nearly each in-game exercise, buying these Mounts ought to be a breeze.

Another assortment of achievement-related Mounts in FFXIV and different rewards that gamers typically miss are straight correlated with a particular achievement. By opening the in-game Achievement Tab and filtering the search by exhibiting “Mount Rewards,” FFXIV will see a number of Mounts that they will declare by way of taking part in their class or job. For occasion, followers can purchase the Battle Bear Mount by finishing a set of actions within the Duty Finder as a Warrior. Likewise, Warriors who’ve already performed the sport for 50-100 hours ought to have already got unlocked this Mount however have but to assert it of their Achievement Tab. Similarly, extra unique Mounts, such because the Conjurer’s Unicorn, could be earned by finishing duties or quests as a particular job in FFXIV. Finally, it ought to be famous that Mounts acquired through Extreme Trials are extremely simple to acquire through solo Duties as soon as gamers have reached 20 ranges or larger than that particular Trial’s required stage.

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Final Fantasy XIV is offered on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC through Steam or Square Enix’s official web site.

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