White Mage is the unique therapeutic class of Final Fantasy 14. It was round earlier than Scholar and Astrologian and remains to be thought-about the best healing class by many players. It can be a good class for beginners, although firstly stage it’s referred to as “Conjurer.” With the all-in-one-class system although, most gamers have dabbled in White Mage at one time or one other.

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For these simply moving into the category, or moving into therapeutic for the primary time, it’s comprehensible to have many questions. It is kind of completely different from tanking and requires a multitasking thoughts to steadiness between therapeutic different gamers and outputting injury to enemies. Focus on injury greater than therapeutic, and your celebration could die. Focus on therapeutic greater than injury, then the battles will go a lot slower.

Every participant has their very own tips, however the on-line dialogue of finest use a White Mage has give you some fairly good suggestions for anybody taking up the category.

Updated on July 22, 2021, By Allison Stalberg: With Final Fantasy 14 being extra standard than ever earlier than, new gamers who wish to heal are choosing up White Mage. Many new gamers are coming from World of Warcraft, and they should study some key variations between White Mage and the artwork of therapeutic in WoW. Keep in thoughts although, the category will get extra complicated with every new stage achieved. 

With that in thoughts, it’s best to first deal with the fundamentals. Veteran gamers can have sure expectations of healers. Between injury dealing, therapeutic, and strategic positions, White Mages can have so much on their plate. On the intense aspect, healers usually get commendations from different gamers. Other gamers are conscious about the significance of a effectively performed therapeutic class like White Mage.

13 Don’t Be Afraid To Spam Holy In Mobs

player casting holy

Holy is a monstrous spell. It not solely offers injury to all close by enemies, but it surely additionally stuns them for 4 seconds. That is injury to enemies in addition to much less injury to your celebration members.

This spell is finest utilized in mobs. At that second, you should definitely stand within the mob after the tank will get all of their aggro below management. Once they’re after the tank and the tank stopped pulling, stand within the mob and spam Holy.

12 Do Not Stand Near Tanks

Full party in a dungeon.

Tanks are meant to attract the aggression of enemies, which means the opponents shall be concentrating on them. If a healer will get too shut, then they’ll doubtless be broken with the tank. A tank is constructed to take hits, a White Mage just isn’t.

White Mages ought to all the time place themselves strategically throughout fight. While they need to keep away from injury, White Mages must also be sure they’re shut sufficient to heal different gamers. Luckily, White Mage spells have an honest vary. Therefore, they need to by no means stand close to tanks until particular stacking mechanics is occurring.

11 Always Be Casting, Either Healing Or Dealing Damage

lalafel white mage

White Mages should always be dealing damage when they are not healing. Just as a result of it’s identified for therapeutic doesn’t imply that that’s all they do. Helping a celebration take down an enemy sooner is a type of protection.

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Typically, gamers attempt to run by pretty dungeons and epic boss fights as quick as potential. A White Mage who doesn’t contribute to break will considerably decelerate that course of.

10 Don’t Bother With Cure I Once You Get Cure II

waving white mage

Most gamers agree that Cure I is irrelevant as soon as Cure II is unlocked. Sure, should you solid Cure I sufficient then it’s possible you’ll get a free solid of Cure II with out expending mana. However, most gamers don’t discover that to be value it for such small heals.

If you play low-level dungeons, hold Cure I in your hotbar. Maybe hold it on keys you don’t usually use although in case you are excessive stage.

9 Place Your Bubbles Strategically

White Mage bubble in dungeon.

If different gamers usually are not standing in a White Mage bubble, there are typical causes for that. A bubble must be positioned the place the fight is occurring in order that melee gamers can nonetheless hit their targets whereas being buffed.

Usually, it’s a good suggestion to place bubbles on tanks since they’re those which are imagined to be taking the brunt of enemy injury. Also, you should definitely place a bubble at the start of a combat that can final some time. Placing on the finish is a waste, as gamers will end off the enemies and transfer on.

8 Get Used To Checking If Players Need Esuna

white mage getting new staff

White Mages can really be fairly break up on what must be prioritized by way of Esuna. For instance, Doom, if it could, must be solid on instantly with Esuna. Heavy takes much less precedence.

Advice-wise although, Esuna has such a fast cast-time that it’s best to simply solid it on no matter debuff you see within the celebration. The gamers will doubtless commend that further effort. Too many healers overlook or simply do not care to Esuna the little issues.

7 Pay Attention To Other Healers

White Mage catgirl.

Sometimes there are two healers in a single celebration. Healers who don’t talk with one another usually by accident increase the identical lifeless participant, losing a Swiftcast, and may also by accident each use the strongest heal on the identical low-health participant. Some gamers resolve this difficulty by creating macros for when they’ll increase a participant.

Luckily for White Mages, a lot of their spells can overlap. It is the overlap of elevating different gamers that may be irritating, because it mainly quantities to a wasted spell. Ultimately, a White Mage wants to stay attentive to the actions of the remainder of the celebration, and communication is essential.

6 Always Keep Regen On The Tank

hyur white mage

This tip just isn’t all the time agreed on when White Mages get extra spells. However, at the least for a newbie at a decrease stage, regen is the perfect good friend of the White Mage. For 18 seconds, it slowly cures no matter participant it has been solid on. With that in thoughts, it is not uncommon White Mage observe to continually have Regen on the celebration tank.

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The tank’s job is to take all of the injury, so it’s assured always that regen shall be of use to them. It additionally permits the White Mage to deal with different issues for 18 seconds akin to injury output or therapeutic the DPS gamers. Once at larger ranges, they might not use regen as a lot.

5 Heal Yourself Before All Else

pajal white mage

Healers are crucial class to a celebration. Without them, everybody will die. Due to that, a healer must be a healers’ first precedence. If a White Mage heals the tank and never themselves, they’ll die and the tank can now not be healed.

Most of the time, White Mages shouldn’t be taking injury as a result of the tank will aggro the enemies. In the world of Final Fantasy 14 although, enemies have AOE assaults that may be troublesome for healers to dodge. So heal your self first, as that’s really the perfect technique for all the celebration as effectively.

4 Be Very Careful When Using Rescue

lalafel white mage

Healers like White Mages get the controversial spell: Rescue. This spell actually drags different gamers to the place the White Mage is. This, at very particular instances, can save the lifetime of your fellow gamers. At the unsuitable time although, it would do much more hurt than good.

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Some healers simply don’t use Rescue. This is usually recommended till you may determine particular moments the place you already know you may really save a participant from a sure dungeon mechanic. For instance, the Ancient Flare of the final boss within the Labyrinth of Ancients is a fairly commonplace for healers to efficiently use Rescue.

3 Don’t Heal Before The Tank Pulls Enemies

white mage casting spell

If any therapeutic spells, together with regen, are solid too early on a tank, or any participant, enemies will discover the healer earlier than the tank and assault them. This can shortly wipe a celebration, because the healer can go down quick with out the enemies specializing in the tank.

Wait till the tank efficiently aggros all close by enemies earlier than casting any therapeutic spell.

2 Save Swiftcast For Your Raise Spell

final fantasy miqote white mage player

Swiftcast is a spell plenty of magic customers get that permits one spell to be immediately solid. The query is: which spell to make use of Swiftcast on? The finest spell for White Mage is their Raise. Bringing again gamers from the lifeless can imply life or loss of life for the celebration as an entire, so the faster they’re up, the higher.

The Raise spell takes a very long time to solid and depart a White Mage susceptible for some time. This is why some refuse to Raise different gamers till their Swiftcast is prepared.

1 Burn Through Your Lilies

white mage lilie spell

At the latter ranges, White Mages get lilies. For each 30 seconds of fight, they get a lily which is mainly a free therapeutic spell. A White Mage can maintain three lilies at a time, so you should definitely all the time use them to make room for extra later.

Once they use three lilies, they get entry to the blood lily and unlocks the White Mages’ strongest assault. It is finest to make use of that assault the second it pops up as accessible.

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