Figure skater Cha Jun Hwan has been the discuss of city because the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and his fame isn’t going away. This time, he went viral for his very first solo journal cowl for Men’s Health Korea.

Fans have been amazed on the flawlessness of the outfits that made him look much more like a prince. After all, his nickname is “figure skating prince!”

The elegant draping cloth of his prime highlighted his princely vibe.

He additionally modelled for some magnificence cosmetics.

He even modelled the skating outfit he wore through the Olympics.

The pure manner he confirmed off the moisturizing cream reminded us of an idol.

He made skates look easy with each outfit.

This colourful outfit confirmed off his boyish charms.

A deepcut vest made him look mature.

It looks as if no matter he does as of late makes the headlines! Fans can’t get sufficient of his princely visuals.

| theqoo

  • “Crazy f*cking pretty”
  • “Oh my, I love it”
  • “Is that high necked blouse a women’s clothing item? It suits him so well”
  • “Protect the prince”
  • “He’s a prince… the styling is crazy”
  • “He’s so photogenic”
  • “Wow… The prince is very pretty”

He’s thriving and we like to see it!

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