Melding Materia is the elemental approach to improve gear in Final Fantasy XIV. To use Materia, gamers might want to full a number of facet quests.

While the bottom stats for a weapon or armor piece in Final Fantasy XIV primarily rely on whether or not it is of regular or prime quality, Materia can improve an merchandise’s capability additional. Materia are magical orbs various in coloration and power that may enchant participant gear, boosting its preliminary stats. In addition, gamers can connect and detach Materia to built-in gear sockets, and so they may even meld Materia past an merchandise’s obtainable slot rely with overmelding. While Materia could be earned as a quest reward or purchased from gamers and NPC distributors, it may additionally be crafted in Final Fantasy XIV by reaching 100% Spiritbond with one’s gear.


Spiritbond in Final Fantasy XIV could be considered the “XP” of a gear piece. Players can improve a weapon or armor’s Spiritbond by merely utilizing it for an prolonged length. Once the “XP” reaches 100%, gamers have the choice to extract Materia from the merchandise, resetting the Spiritbond to 0% however granting the participant a brand new gear-enhancing orb. Howbeit, the participant’s capability to meld, extract, and overmeld Materia have to be first unlocked in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Materia could be earned, bought, or bought with out restriction early on within the recreation. However, gamers who wish to connect or meld Materia to their gear might want to full a number of transient prerequisite side quests in Final Fantasy XIV. First, end “Forging the Spirit,” the Level 19 quest from Swynbroes positioned at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan. He will educate gamers the “Extracting Materia” motion, which grants the power to craft Materia by extracting it from a chunk of drugs with 100% Spiritbond. Players can discover Swynbroes at X: 24, Y: 13.8, northeast of Black Brush Station.

Using Materia in Final Fantasy XIV

ffxiv meld and extract Materia quests

Next, gamers should discover ways to use Materia in FFXIV by melding it to their weapons or armor. Speak with F’hobhas, one other NPC at The Bonfire close by Swynbroes. Complete her Level 19 quest “Waking the Spirit” to connect Materia to gear. Bear in thoughts that the participant have to be Level 19 of a crafting job in Final Fantasy XIV, not a fight job.

Finally, if gamers wish to meld Materia above and past their gear’s obtainable slots, they need to “Melding Materia Muchly” at Level 25. Mutamix Bubblypots, the hunt giver, is positioned in the identical space close to Swynbroes and F’hobhas. Players ought to be aware that overmelding Materia is not at all times assured to be a hit, and failure will consequence within the lack of the Materia. Once gamers purchase the power to meld, extract, and overmeld Materia, they’ve full liberty over how they wish to spice up their gear, granted their gear is throughout the acceptable stage vary for the Materia’s enchantment. Materia-related Actions could be discovered throughout the Character menu or accessed by opening the drop-down menu of any piece of drugs.

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Final Fantasy XIV is accessible on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC through Steam or Square Enix’s official web site.

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