Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), a former MI6 operative turned mercenary, is launched within the Fast and Furious franchise because the brother of villain Owen Shaw. Seeking to punish Dom and his crew for what they did to Owen, he causes loads of mayhem earlier than ultimately agreeing to work with them on missions.

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Shaw has turned out to be top-of-the-line characters within the franchise as a result of he’s not solely formidable but additionally fairly comical. Apart from cracking jokes as brilliantly as he beats individuals. Shaw could also be an skilled driver, however a technique during which he impresses followers much more is thru his good dialogue.


When Shaw Calls Dom To Let Him Know He’s Coming For Him

“You Don’t Know Me. You’re About To.”

Deckard Shaw calls Dom to threaten him after crashing into Han in Furious 6

In the Fast & Furious 6 mid-credits scene, Deckard Shaw broadsides Han’s car in Tokyo, showing to have killed him. He then calls Dom to let him know that the hunt is on.

It’s fairly the proper means for a baddie to announce himself. It’s additionally scenes like these that make Shaw one of many Fast and Furious villains whom fans love. His phrases are a declaration of warfare, letting Dom know that he and his crew are about to pay dearly for what they did to Owen. He nearly retains his promise however in typical franchise vogue, he will get became a hero.

When Shaw Beats Up Baddies At A Party With A Champagne Bottle

“I’m What You Might Call A Champagne Problem.”

In a cross-cutting scene in Hobbs & Shaw, Hobbs is proven muscling his means by means of a tattoo parlor whereas Shaw arrives at a celebration in London. Shaw then describes himself as a champagne drawback earlier than occurring to really brutalize everybody with a champagne bottle.

In literal phrases, a champagne drawback is one thing that is truly not that large of a deal when in comparison with different issues. Trust Shaw to not solely make issues much more literal by utilizing a champagne bottle as a weapon however by additionally proving himself to be a a lot greater drawback than anticipated. By the scene coming fairly early within the film, it helps pump up the degrees of pleasure.

When Hobbs Finds Shaw At His Office

“One Second…”

Hobbs and Shaw fight in Furious 7

Soon after saying his arrival, Shaw breaks into the Los Angeles DSS crew to extract recordsdata about Dom and his crew. Hobbs stops by and finds him however Shaw hilariously asks him to attend for him to complete earlier than they’ll begin preventing.

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The greatest villains are all the time these which are composed and brave. Shaw is portrayed as each on this event. He is not bothered that an enormous lawman is standing proper on the door. The former MI6 operative is assured that he’ll extract the recordsdata and stroll out of the workplace with out Hobbs stopping him.

When Shaw Faces Off Against Dom

“You Never Should Have Messed With A Man’s Family.”

Dom fights Shaw in the streets in Fast & Furious

As quickly as Shaw and Dom get launched to one another, one in every of Shaw’s best qualities turns into clear. Like Dom, he adores his household and can do something to punish whoever messes with them.

Though the phrases depict Shaw as a badass character that is about to inflict paint for grievances triggered, additionally they paint him as fairly the hypocritical character. As Dom precisely factors out, Shaw’s brother messed along with his household too. Letty even developed well being problems whereas working for Owen.

When Shaw Babysits Dom’s Baby While Fighting Off Cipher’s Goons

“Where’s That Smile? There It Is!”

Deckard Shaw fights while holding Dom's baby in Fast & Furious

Shaw proves himself as one in every of the best fighters in the Fast and Furious franchise when he takes on a number of of Cipher’s males inside a aircraft. And he does this whereas babysitting Dom’s child.

The method during which Shaw simply juggles between soothing a child and obliterating baddies is greater than excellent, making it one of many general greatest scenes within the franchise. It’s additionally a candy second as a result of Shaw and Dom could not see eye to eye at first and now he’s doing every part to make sure no hurt involves his little one.

When Shaw Unsuccessfully Tries To Get Rid Off Hobbs

“This Job Requires Stealth. Look At You. I Mean, Granted, It’s Not Your Fault. But You’re Too Obvious.”

Deckard Shaw mocks Luke Hpbbs about his size in Hobbs and Shaw

Shaw is not too completely satisfied when he will get paired with Hobbs once more as a way to cease Brixton Lore. He tries to do away with him at an airport however he nonetheless exhibits up on the aircraft, inflicting Shaw to tear into him.

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Hobbs and Shaw get pleasure from throwing shady burns at one another and that is however top-of-the-line ones. Shaw would not cover his opinion about Hobbs’ physique. He believes he’s too big to do spy work, including that his dimension makes enemies discover him simply. He is true however historical past has confirmed that Hobbs would not want to cover as a way to trigger injury.

When Shaw Speaks To A Comatose Owen At The Hospital

“Rest Now, Little Brother. I Want To Settle Your One Last Score.”

Deckard Shaw looks at Owen in the hospital

At the beginning of Furious 7, Shaw visits his comatose brother on the hospital the place he goes on a prolonged monologue about how he all the time completed fights for him after they had been youngsters. He then guarantees to get revenge for him.

It’s a fantastic household second that additionally prepares audiences for the battles which are to return. With these phrases, Shaw additionally suggests that he’s a greater villain than his brother. He is assured he will not battle to take down Dom and his crew like Owen did. However, issues do not find yourself being as straightforward for him as he anticipated.

When Shaw’s Told He’ll Be Working With Hobbs Again

“She-Hulk Here Only Knows How To Smash.”

Shaw is livid when he’s informed that he’ll companion up with somebody to take down Brixton solely to be taught that it is Hobbs. He jokingly claims that Hobbs is aware of nothing apart from violently smashing individuals like She-Hulk.

It’s a pleasant popular culture reference that additionally doubles as burn. Shaw may have simply referenced the Hulk however he chooses to go together with She-Hulk as a way to piss off Hobbs extra. Though Hobbs additionally will get to throw insults of his personal, they do not fairly match Shaw’s superior verbal jobs. But as anticipated, the 2 ultimately comply with work collectively.

When Dom Tries To Catch Shaw By Surprise

“Well, I Got A Lot Of Friends.”

Deckard Shaw stays calm when Dom ambushes him in Furious 7

At the peak of their rivalry, Dom leads a workforce to ambush Shaw as he’s consuming. It seems Shaw is anticipating them with a backup workforce of his personal that features Mose Jakande. He goes on a monologue about buddies and when Dom insists he has ‘household,’ not buddies, Shaw says he is completely different as a result of he has loads of buddies.

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Having beforehand labored within the army in addition to the intelligence group, Shaw is aware of higher than to be ambushed. On this specific event, buddies become stronger than ‘household’ since Dom and Brian are pressured to retreat and abandon their plan to amass God’s Eye when Jakande’s workforce kills Mr. Nobody’s chief lieutenant.

When Shaw Visits Queenie

“If You Can’t Break Out Of A S—ty Prison Like This, Then You’re Really Slipping, Mom.”

Shaw advises Queenie to break out of prison in Hobbs & Shaw

Shaw is not impressed when he visits his mom in jail and realizes she is simply sitting tight. Given her legal experience, he anticipated her to have damaged out a very long time in the past.

Everyone within the Shaw household is considerably of a formidable villain and no different second illustrates that higher than this one. Shaw is true about his mom getting too comfy as a result of she has demonstrated superior expertise a few different occasions within the franchise. For instance, she simply evades the police after stealing jewellery in the course of a busy avenue.

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