A Microsoft Rewards Far Cry 6 sweepstakes page is beginning to circulate for including a possible release window, but it’s likely false.

The 2021 video game release calendar has been shifting rapidly, as developers are forced to shuffle release dates due to coronavirus-related delays. Far Cry 6, one of the big games pushed back to later this year, has had its own share of trouble of pinning down a release date, but a rumor circulating right now seems to be giving fans a glimmer of hope. Unfortunately, it likely isn’t true.

Those on the lookout for Far Cry 6 development updates may have seen a Microsoft Rewards sweepstakes listing for an Xbox Series X console, complete with a copy of Far Cry 6 for a lucky winner. The sweepstakes include an April 6 end date, which led to speculation that it could be a release window for Far Cry 6, revealed by error by either Microsoft or Ubisoft. However, looking into the fine print reveals a bit more information.

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First and foremost, the prize bundle is only one of five sweepstakes that Microsoft is currently running, with the Xbox Series X Far Cry 6 sweepstakes boasting the same end date as the other four promotions, none of which have anything to do with Far Cry 6. If that on its own isn’t a sign that the release date is illegitimate, there are more details that cast further doubt on this being a true leak.

Even after the sweepstakes closes, Microsoft isn’t drawing winners until April 16, and the prizes won’t be sent until a few weeks after that. Further, even though Far Cry 6 is being included in the sweepstakes, it’s a digital copy of the game, which means that even a redeemable code will likely just secure a pre-order of the game, rather than guarantee a full copy ready to play the moment the system arrives.

This doesn’t mean that Far Cry 6 won’t come out in April, but the sweepstake date certainly isn’t worth putting much stock into. While it’s unfortunate, Far Cry 6 fans will simply need to wait until Ubisoft reveals more information about the game before they can have any hope of learning a new release date.

It is understandable, however, that some people were tricked by the sweepstakes end date. April 6 is a Tuesday, a weekday commonly associated with new game launches. On top of that, Far Cry 6‘s original release date was February 18, 2021, which gives it nearly two extra months of development time. That’s not an unrealistic period for a delay, so on a surface level April 6 sounds at least somewhat realistic, though it more than likely isn’t true.

Far Cry 6 is in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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