Ubisoft utilized a number of cute animals all through Far Cry 6 promotional supplies, however Chorizo swiftly grew to become the preferred. The sausage dog is perhaps Far Cry 6’s most original Amigo, sporting a home made wheelchair and varied pouches for instruments and different assets. Despite his incapacity, Chorizo’s dedication to help the guerilla factions is unparalleled. While he doesn’t effectively kill enemies, Chorizo nonetheless makes use of his cuteness to assist defeat Anton Castillo’s many army grunts and retake Yara – and wins the hearts of gamers on the similar time.

Chorizo is among the first Amigos gamers can recruit in Yara. He belongs to Philly, an explosives professional and mechanic. Both Chorizo and Philly are a part of the Monteros, a guerilla faction in Far Cry 6 which Libertad makes an attempt to carry to their facet. Players later achieve entry to the “Who’s A Good Dog” mission, which requires accumulating and delivering three gadgets discovered all through the sport’s map. Afterward, Chorizo turns into a summonable companion for Dani Rojas throughout missions and free-roaming.

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While Chorizo isn’t the most helpful Amigo in Far Cry 6, he’s essentially the most cute and comes with varied skills to help Dani as they battle for Yara’s freedom. Not solely is Chorizo capable of heal, however he may also distract enemies for stealth missions. His historical past with Philly makes Chorizo invaluable when looking for assets, because the resourceful little hound can also be capable of find hidden supplies beneath the bottom. Far Cry video games are continuously bloody, chaotic video games, however Chorizo has various cute habits to make the expertise extra nice.

Far Cry 6 Demands Players Feed Chorizo

Far Cry 6 Chorizo Eats

Each Far Cry 6 Amigo requires gamers to finish completely different duties to win their loyalty. Sometimes this could contain finishing sure quests or challenges, however with Chorizo the motivation is rather more easy. By accumulating Chorizo’s favourite forms of meals and setting them in his bowl, gamers can watch the little wiener canine chows down on his meal. There can also be the choice for gamers to ship solely a few of the elements, which ends up in Chorizo throwing somewhat mood tantrum. Watching a dachshund in a wheelchair bounce round whereas barking in frustration is each humorous and cute, giving gamers a break from the tense surroundings for a short time.

Chorizo’s Traversal Methods In Far Cry 6 Are Adorable (And Impressive)

The terrain of Yara’s map in Far Cry 6 varies significantly relying on location, and Chorizo isn’t at all times the perfect geared up to deal with these challenges. Thankfully Chorizo is a resourceful pooch and at all times finds a option to be part of Dani of their conquests throughout Yara. Players can bear witness to a few of his problem-solving skills by vaulting over a fence or different excessive obstacles. Chorizo follows gamers till he realizes there isn’t a option to cross and can then start his trek to seek out extra appropriate terrain to cross or climb. At the appropriate angle, gamers can witness Chorizo hauling himself over obstacles (in physics-defying style) and leaping to security on the opposite facet. Though it breaks some immersion, watching Chorizo accomplish these unimaginable feats is among the recreation’s most lovable occasions.

Chorizo Is Far Cry 6’s Cutest Accessory To Murder

Unlike Amigos like Far Cry’s Boomer or Oluso, Chorizo can not carry out takedowns on enemy troopers. Instead, Dani can instruct Chorizo to method targets and distract them. The troopers will then attempt to coerce Chorizo to pet him, permitting gamers to kill them stealthily. While some canine would doubtless be disturbed by this motion, Chorizo has no points persistently ushering enemies to their deaths. His efficiency is Oscar-worthy, because the little dachshund places on a nervous façade and bounces round on the rickety wheels of his wheelchair. Chorizo’s nervously wagging tail completes the trick, giving enemies one thing purely cute to take a look at of their final moments.

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Far Cry 6 Players Can Pet The Dog

There are at all times vital ranges of disappointment when video games don’t enable gamers to pet digital canine. Thankfully, Far Cry 6 permits gamers to embrace this urge most adorably. Far Cry 6’s Amigo companions can all be interacted with, permitting gamers to pet the whole lot from panthers to crocodiles, however Chorizo offers essentially the most unimaginable expertise for this mechanic. Chorizo’s cute look usually steals each scene he’s in, however he’s even cuter up shut. Big, brown eyes crammed with happiness occupy gamers’ screens together with the blissful whines of a happy pup. The pure serotonin this act brings even fills Dani with pleasure, as each the feminine and male variations continuously snort or fortunately inform Chorizo what boy he’s.

Far Cry 6 Lets Chorizo Smile At The Camera

Far Cry 6’s picture mode mixed with the addition of Chorizo leads to a few of the cutest snapshots gamers might purchase of their digital lives. Though rebellions are messy, bloody, emotional affairs, taking a second to admire the surroundings with their companions generally is a well-deserved break. While some photo modes, like Red Dead Redemption 2’s, fail to provide participant characters firm, Chorizo ensures Dani Rojas won’t ever be alone. Players can snap lovely panorama photos of Yara’s war-torn world and take pictures with their Amigos. DarkKnightTazze posted an instance on Far Cry 6’s subreddit, proving how Chorizo can brighten up any day in Yara.

Far Cry 6 Is Filled With Dangers, And Chorizo Is Ready To Face Them

In a world as dangerous as Far Cry 6, both Dani Rojas and their companions have to be able to scare threats away or eradicate them. Chorizo has grown up round guerillas, and sure confronted his justifiable share of threats earlier than becoming a member of Dani and Libertad. While most canine his measurement would run from a battle, Chorizo’s bravery is aware of no bounds. When confronted with imminent threats, Chorizo may be seen and heard snarling and readying himself for battle. Unfortunately, his intimidation is sabotaged by each his measurement and endearing options. No matter how a lot anger seems in his huge brown eyes or how sharp his tooth look, mates and foes alike can’t assist however need to pet him throughout.

While Chorizo is cute, he’s not Far Cry 6’s solely energy. There are many different cute actions Chorizo performs throughout Far Cry 6’s story and beyond, and gamers are inspired to hunt all of them out. Despite the sport’s many flaws, there are many actions and options to take pleasure in all through Yara, made all the higher with an animal companion like Chorizo.

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Far Cry 6 is obtainable now for PS4, PS5, XboxOne, Xbox X/S, PC, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia.

Source: DarkKnightTazze/Reddit

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