The animal companions, or Amigos, in Far Cry 6 are each highly effective allies and cute, lovable pets. From companions which have returned from earlier video games to model new mates, players are excited to get to know all of those Amigos or useful companions.

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Regardless of which of those Amigos are probably the most helpful in battle, all might be candy and lovable pets. K-9000 and Oluso could be very highly effective and horrifying creatures, however they’re additionally loyal and cute. Throughout the marketing campaign, DLC’s, and aspect quests, any Far Cry 6 participant could make an cute animal good friend.

7 Chicharrón, The Cranky Rooster

Chicharrón the rooster in Far Cry 6

Chicharrón is certainly a handy animal companion in Far Cry 6, along with his “Angry Bird” capacity that permits him to assault foes from a distance. But neither his seems nor his character is particularly endearing.

With the addition of Chicharrón’s specialised outfits, although, you may make his look slightly extra charming. The Par-Tay outfit shows the rooster with vivid pink feathers and classy equipment. In the Motherclucker design, Chicharrón has beautiful pink hearts painted onto his black feathers. The Egg-cited outfit is by far his boldest look, with a myriad of brightly painted feathers and a vibrant purple collar. However, Chicharrón’s character remains to be on the bitter aspect, and each time a participant tries to work together with him, he goes for the assault.

6 Guapo, The Fierce Crocodile

Far Cry 6 Crocodile Companion Guapo

It could seem unusual {that a} crocodile is ranked larger than a rooster, however Guapo’s character is what units him other than Chicharrón. Appearance-wise, Guapo is missing on the cuteness scale.

Guapo wears quite a lot of shirts and jackets. Carnival is Guapo’s most energetic design, with a purple and gold vest with blue and purple paint throughout his leathery pores and skin. Outfit specifics apart, a crocodile waddling round in a vest is oddly pleasant. Similar to Chicharrón, Guapo reacts to participant interplay with a snap of his jaws. However, when the participant pets the underside of his chin, they’re blessed with a charming crocodile smile as a substitute.

5 K-9000, The Robo-dog

Far Cry 6 K-9000

K-9000 seems like a canine model of the Terminator, a cumbersome robotic canine with glowing pink eyes and enamel. Being a canine, K-9000 has some built-in cuteness, however concurrently being manufactured from iron and wires has its downsides.

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K-9000 would not have any various designs or skins, and with a muscular steel physique and sharp canine enamel, he would not have a lovable visible working for him. But his “Termination Protocol” capacity provides an endearing high quality to him. When he takes deadly injury, K-9000 will activate “Termination Protocol” and self-destruct, giving the participant a possibility to flee. During participant interactions, he responds to petting with a beautiful robotic smile and licks. But the glowing pink eyes and enamel detract from the sweetness of the interplay.

4 Champagne, The Elegant Panther

White panther Champagne DLC Amigo

For this white panther, the phrase “extravagant” is a greater description than “cute.” Champagne is unquestionably a stunningly stunning companion and a blatant assertion of wealth. She has an impressive cream-colored coat and sapphire eyes, and her golden collar accentuates her lavish look. She would not have any alternate designs or clothes, however she reacts to participant interplay with nuzzles and kitty-licks, which shows her lovable character.

Most of her talents relate to wealth and standing, however her “Sonic Snarl” capacity permits her to knock out enemies and make an escape when she receives injury. This implies that Champagne will assist the participant become profitable, something that some Far Cry fans may not know they could do, in addition to save their life in a harmful state of affairs.

3 Oluso, The Spotted Panther

Far Cry 6 Oluso

Oluso is an impressive noticed black panther and his imposing and exquisite look is simply matched by his energy and intimidation on the battlefield. Oluso is one fearsome panther, but additionally a heat and cuddle-worthy cat.

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Similar to Champagne, Oluso’s look cannot actually fairly be described as “cute.” In his case, the higher phrases can be “dark and mysterious.” Oluso’s smooth noticed black coat in distinction along with his vivid blue eyes provides him a strikingly stunning look and his talents in battle take this placing magnificence and rework it into terrifying ferocity. Oluso is a strong ally and an cute pet. The distinction of his energy and his cuddly character inside the participant interactions makes him particularly endearing.

2 Boom Boom, The Big Dog

Boom Boom the Amigo from Far Cry 6

This good boy is simply as helpful in fight as he’s cute. Boom Boom is a well-known good friend from Far Cry 5, a game with many hidden secrets, who’s been lovingly welcomed into the brand new technology of the franchise.

Boom Boom’s splotchy grey and white fur and leather-based collar give him a helpless stray canine look. The massive gray spot over his eye, the flopped-down ear, the large glowing brown eyes, and the little tilt of his head make Boom Boom a powerfully winsome canine. In participant interactions Boom Boom solely will get extra cute. With his beautiful pet canine eyes on full show and a playful lick, Boom Boom is certain to win the guts of any canine lover.

1 Chorizo, The Tiny Dachshund

Chorizo the dachshund growling in Far Cry 6

While there are numerous similar games to Far Cry 6 that fans might enjoy, none of them have Chorizo. The little dachshund with wheels for hind legs is by far the cutest Amigo in Far Cry 6. And whereas he will not be as highly effective in battle as many of the different Amigos, he makes up for it with the moral-raising energy of his cute face.

Chorizo has silky black and brown fur, and eternal pet canine eyes. His stubby little pet legs and tiny toolbelt make his appeal much more potent. With all kinds of various software belts to put on, Chorizo might be ready for any event and look beautiful whereas doing it. Even his talents are based mostly round his endearing qualities, as his “Attention Seeker” capacity makes use of his look as a distraction for enemies so the participant can execute a sneak assault. Chorizo’s “Yes, You Can” capacity makes it in order that when the participant pets him, he regenerates well being. These qualities have absolutely made this little dachshund a fan favourite.

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