They made it clear about their place.

Recently, a Chinese restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul, was identified as a “Chinese secret police stronghold,” with some reporting it to have ties with Cha Eun Woo’s company, Fantagio. According to media outlet Hankyoreh, they reported that the precise proprietor of the controversial Chinese restaurant is Wang, a Chinese nationwide who runs HG Cultural Media.

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Wang, who based the controversial Chinese restaurant | Shinhwa News

What needs to be famous is that Fantagio appointed Bae Ji Yeon from HG Cultural Media as an unbiased director in 2016. However, Fantagio denied the suspicions that they had been associated to the “Chinese secret police.”

Most not too long ago, Fantagio revealed to TV Report, “Bae Ji Yeon was already dismissed in 2018. Currently, no one in Fantagio knows Bae Ji Yeon.”

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The Chinese restaurant suspected of getting ties to the “Chinese secret police.” | Yonhap

On the opposite hand, the Chinese restaurant not too long ago posted a message by an digital show board saying they’d make a significant announcement. Public curiosity is rising as as to if the controversy is right that China operated it to suppress dissidents working overseas.

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