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The first season of What If…? launched arguably probably the most {powerful} villain within the MCU so far. Namely, Infinity Ultron. This variant of the corrupt A.I. used the Infinity Stones to not simply halve the universe’s inhabitants like Thanos but additionally embark on a bid to beat everything of actuality. It took the assembled Guardians of the Multiverse — plus, Zola, of all folks — to cease him.

But if a single character had been to beat Infinity Ultron all on their lonesome, who would that be? The r/MarvelStudios subreddit group has been debating this thorny query after it was pitched by u/lukeaslim. Clearly, nobody within the franchise in the meanwhile might do it, so the Marvel followers delved into the comics to give you somebody sturdy sufficient to tackle Infinity Ultron single-handedly.

One fan got here up with three god-tier characters who could be as much as the duty. The Beyonder, Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman’s child, Franklin Richards, and The One Above All — mainly the god of the Marvel universe.

Professor X’s son Legion could possibly be in with a shot, too.

Not to say The Living Tribunal, who appeared in a quick cameo in Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness.

The greatest reply, although, has to go to the commenter who should’ve woken up this morning with homicide on his thoughts.

It’s Ultroning Time.

While Infinity Ultron’s character seems to be achieved with, so we in all probability gained’t see him return in What If…? season two, a few of these different entities talked about on this thread might present up within the MCU quickly. Reed Richards alluded to his son Franklin — who has huge reality-warping powers — in Doctor Strange 2 whereas The Beyonder is the villain of the Secret Wars comics occasion. Infinity Ultron might appear like small fry compared to the big-hitters who’re coming in Phases Five and Six.

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