Disclaimer: “True Beauty” is the mental property of Yaongyi and tvN. This work is predicated on the fictional universe of the drama and bears no resemblance to actual individuals, locations, or occasions.

Word Count: 2.5k

Genre: Romance, Fluff.

T/W: None

Author’s Note: I hope this work brings you pleasure and luxury whenever you want it probably the most.

*Y/N – Your (Reader’s) Name; Reader’s dialogues are in purple; Han SeoJun’s dialogues are in pink.

OC (Original Characters): Y/N’s finest buddy/colleague Hyuk, SeoJun’s pet Dal.


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Chapter 2: Missed Connections



*Y/N’s POV*

I’ll see you at the concert tomorrow. Let’s meet under the street lamp!” The phrases stored ringing in your head as you awakened in a daze the subsequent morning. To be truthful, it was already the “next morning” by the point you bought house final evening, however you managed to sneak in a few hours’ price of sleep nonetheless. Dragging your self away from bed, you stood in entrance of the mirror, taking look as if to guarantee your self that you weren’t in a dream. You regarded awfully well-rested for the naked minimal sleep you bought, maybe since you had been happy along with your work however almost certainly as a result of your coronary heart was completely satisfied.

Before you knew it, you discovered your self smiling in thought, recalling the whimsical moments when SeoJun made your coronary heart flutter. You could not assist however surprise, was it the moonlight that made him look oh so angelic? Was it the way in which he ruffled his hair, making it fall over his eyes in probably the most orderly mess, that made your coronary heart skip a beat? Was it since you had been drained and caught off guard that you just nearly fell for him at first sight? Shaking your speculations away, you washed your face, able to embrace a model new day.


*Han SeoJun’s POV*

Sleepless nights had been nothing new for SeoJun, particularly with the pressures of life as an idol and biting loneliness that eats away on the soul however produces good artwork. On most days, SeoJun would spend the evening writing music, composing, and self-critiquing, however one thing was totally different about final evening. He laid awake, staring on the ceiling with a racing coronary heart. It was nearly as if he had 50 tabs open in his mind, and he did not fairly know which one was taking part in the music.

Was I too pushy with Y/N? Should I have left her alone? Of course not, it was so late at night. She’s so delicate! That’s not true, she could easily take me down.

Hours handed, and daylight rolled round with SeoJun considering and overanalyzing final evening’s flip of occasions like his life trusted it. “She’ll show up, right? I mean, she has to, for work, but she probably isn’t thinking of showing up for me. Wait, but why wouldn’t she show up for me? She said she liked me! Isn’t she a fan? When exactly should I turn up? Am I picking her up after work? If so, where do we go? Oh, I know a spot!” he thought out loud, with Dal retaining him firm. “First of all-“, he stated, getting off of the mattress, “let’s get dressed. A morning walk is what I need“.


*Y/N’s POV*

With espresso and confidence in tow, you stepped out of the home within the prettiest sundress, although it took you quantity of convincing to choose the identical. “It’s alright Y/N, you dressed up because the concept for the concert is summer sweetness. You must stick to the theme! You definitely did not dress up in case SeoJun shows up. Besides, it’s a Sunday! Sundresses are for Sunday!” you muttered quietly, justifying your look to your self. “Should I not have put on so much makeup?” you thought, stopping in your tracks. Almost instantly, you retorted, “Makeup or no makeup, you’re a true beauty regardless!“, giving your self a pat on the again.

By the time you reached the venue, which was, as soon as once more, strolling distance out of your condominium, you figured that rehearsals can be in full swing. However, one thing was off in regards to the scenario. With your spidey senses tingling, your first intuition was to search for Hyuk, however earlier than you possibly can give him a name, you felt somebody maintain your wrist and pull you in for a aspect hug. With how acquainted that felt, you knew it was none aside from Hyuk himself. Speak of the satan.

“Y/N! Where have you been all morning?” Hyuk stated with pleasure, taking your espresso and having a sip.

Huh? It’s only 10 AM. What do you mean? Where are the guys? Haven’t you started rehearsals yet?

“Do you really not know, or are you acting naive?”

Know what?

“Vibe Move’s Han SeoJun posted about the concert, and we’re fully booked! Everyone is celebrating over breakfast in the waiting room. Now, I know what you’re thinking but I say, let them be. They’ve worked hard and-“

Wait, wait, wait. What?

Realizing that it could be higher to point out than to inform, Hyuk pulled out a screenshot of Han SeoJun’s put up, the place he is posing by a wall plastered with all of the posters you set up final evening. It’s captioned, “Rock N’ Roll Sundays” with a moon emoji and a pet emoji. With Han SeoJun’s status for attending indie live shows to point out help, this is not actually out of the odd, however you merely could not deny that it made your coronary heart flutter.

Noticing your surprised face turning pink little by little, Hyuk turned you round to make you face him. “Are you really that flustered? What is he, your bias your something?”, he stated with a chuckle, dismissing the chance altogether. Little did he know.

You go on ahead then. I’ll be right back from the restroom,” you stated with urgency, shifting his arm out of your shoulder.

“Oh, yeah, sure,” stated Hyuk, trying visibly confused and maybe a bit startled.

As you walked into the washroom, you possibly can really feel one million ideas and potentialities crossing your thoughts. “Did he do that for me? No, of course not, I shouldn’t flatter myself. But..the emojis. Don’t they look too suspicious? What am I thinking? It’s not like he’s trying to send a message, right? Why would he? I mean, he wanted to see me again, and we were supposed to meet at the concert but..I didn’t think he’d make a post out of it. Is he doing this out of kindness? Maybe, because I looked too desperate with the flyers last night? I should stop thinking.” You took a few deep breaths, attempting to compose your self and conceal your nervousness. “Que será, será“.


*Han SeoJun’s POV*

It’s been an hour since SeoJun posted the image he took on his morning stroll and precisely 55 minutes since he began refreshing the app to see if a well-recognized face would pop up in his notifications. For an idol with hundreds of thousands of followers, this is not fairly the sanest factor to do however love certain makes one do loopy issues.

She won’t think I’m showing off, right? I would probably have gone to the concert anyway! I’m Han SeoJun! What do I have to be nervous about? God, my heart is about to burst.

The duality in his feelings was getting out of hand, and it wasn’t lengthy earlier than he realized that he could not keep put anymore. Grabbing the keys to his motorbike, SeoJun headed out as soon as extra to clear his head.

That’s right. I’ll just ride until it’s time for the concert. It’s been a while since I went on my bike anyway.” While he would not admit it even to himself, SeoJun actually simply wished to make the hours move faster.

Looking as dashing as an motion hero, SeoJun obtained on his bike, however earlier than he might transfer, he was immediately struck with a thought. Parking his bike as soon as once more, SeoJun rushed inside and got here out with a second helmet. “Just in case“, he whispered to himself with a smile brighter than the solar.


*Y/N’s POV*

While time could not transfer any slower for SeoJun, it could not be extra hectic for you. After ultimate rehearsals, sound checks, ticket confirmations, and extra, it was lastly time for the present. “The stage is yours. Own it,” you stated, as a final phrase of encouragement earlier than the band ready to face by. Audiences had been pouring in, filling up the venue slowly however steadily, elevating anticipation for the efficiency much more. However, even in that crowd, there was just one face you had been in search of. Han SeoJun.

An hour goes by, and the band is giving the efficiency of a lifetime. The viewers is hyped, and the spirit of rock is alive. Seeing the boys thriving, doing what they do finest, you could not assist however sigh with delight, however in the back of your head, your creativeness was operating wild. You checked and double-checked the entry listing, and SeoJun was clearly a no-show. “Huh. I wonder if he used a different name. It would make sense since he’s a celebrity, after all.” You had been arising with excuses earlier than you even realized it, and shortly, the present was over. “The street lamp! Could he be waiting there?” you guessed, keen to go away the venue. Unfortunately for you, the staff had different plans.

“What do you mean you’re not coming to the company dinner? Today was such a grand success!”, Hyuk exclaimed, tugging at your arm.

I..I just have some business to attend to. You know what they say-

“The devil works hard, but Y/N sure works harder”

Exactly. So, have fun without me and-

“Not happening. You have to at least come greet everyone”

Oh come on! I have a date-

“A what? You’re seeing someone?”

Hyuk’s query made you rethink what you had simply let slip. “Did I just say date? Silly me! I meant late. I’m late for a meeting!

“I know your schedule better than you. You’re coming with me.”

So now, you had been being wheeled away to a close-by restaurant for dinner and drinks with out a lot because the slimmest probability of having the ability to search for SeoJun. “Just my luck“.


*Han SeoJun’s POV*

Just my luck“, SeoJun muttered beneath his breath, operating his fingers via his hair. In all of the years he had been a biker, by no means as soon as had his motorbike damaged down after simply a few miles. Yet, there he was, watching the romantic sundown from a mechanic’s storage when he might have been doing the identical with Y/N from a flower hill. Frantically checking the time each minute, SeoJun watched because the sky dusked and night fell. “I cannot afford to be late. Not for her,” he reiterated, cursing and blaming himself for the scenario. The undeniable fact that he had no means of contacting Y/N and knew nothing however her title solely added to his frustration.

I’m sorry Y/N. I’ll make it up to you-” he practiced, anxiously going over a script in his head. “Something unexpected came up. You understand right?” he added, attempting to determine the best apology. “What if she’s waiting?” he questioned, going over 100 worst-case situations.

“Sir, it’s good to go!”

As quickly as he heard these phrases, he wasted no time in setting out for the live performance venue, absolutely conscious of how late he was. ETA: 40 minutes.


*Y/N’s POV*

Suffice to say, issues didn’t go as deliberate, and you possibly can not have been extra livid. While you must have been beaming with pleasure due to how particular and uncommon it’s to have a totally packed venue for an up-and-coming band, you simply couldn’t shake the considered SeoJun ready for you in useless, particularly since he drew nearly all of the gang.

The concept of ghosting him when he was the one who requested you out appeared a bit too inappropriate on your consolation. For a second, you debated DMing him on SNS however determined in opposition to it, in case that may appear too easy. While the remainder of the staff cheered, you sighed and sighed till it grew to become a bit too apparent, at the very least for Hyuk. Regardless of how a lot he wished you there by his aspect, he might inform that your coronary heart was elsewhere.

“Is this..meeting..really that important? You’ve been out of it the entire time.”

You regarded up at Hyuk and sighed as soon as extra, shaking your head. “It might be too late now“, you talked about softly, your voice betraying your dejection.

“Not on my watch”, Hyuk asserted with confidence as he stood up, holding your hand. “We have somewhere to be. Please excuse us”, he declared without delay, disregarding the necessity for any form of permission. “I’ll drop you off in my car. Let’s go”.

Before you possibly can even get a grasp of the scenario, you had been in Hyuk’s automotive, going full pace forward.

“Snap out of it. Where are we going?”

Just..just drop me off by the concert venue. I’ll take it from there.

“Are you sure?”

Yes. Positive.

“As you say.”

It took about 20 minutes to reach on the spot, and as quickly as you bought out of the automotive, you rushed out, in no place to wave goodbye. “I’m letting you go once again, huh”, murmured Hyuk with a saddened chuckle, masking his face together with his fingers as you ran out of view.

Street lamp. The street lamp. The fifth one from here. Just a couple of minutes away from home“, you reminded your self, ensuring to rely your steps in order that you do not miss the correct flip. You had already been operating for 10 minutes however did not really feel a second of it. As you got here nearer and nearer to the road lamp, the designated date spot, you possibly can really feel your coronary heart beating out of your chest. The chance of SeoJun being there appeared extra heartbreaking than not, however something was higher than not giving it a strive.

As you reached the crossroad the place the road lamp stood, you paused to catch a breath and, unsurprisingly, weren’t welcomed by a fluffy-haired good unhealthy boy with probably the most beautiful darkish eyes you had ever seen. The world appeared to cease turning for a second, and your head began spinning as an alternative. Did he go house after being upset? Did he await too lengthy? Could or not it’s that he was there only a second in the past? All types of questions popped up in your head, and also you could not start to fathom the reply to all of them. As you stared into the abyss, you had been disturbed by a brilliant gentle shining proper at your eyes. Startled, you regarded away as actuality dawned on you. Moving your hair away out of your face, you took a deep breath, crouching down by the aspect of the street, disillusioned. It was nearly as should you might hear SeoJun’s voice, calling your title.

Y/N!” yelled SeoJun from a distance as he parked his bike and ran in direction of you.

It feels too real…” you thought, earlier than being interrupted by the sound of quickly approaching footsteps. As you regarded up, you noticed a person dashing in direction of you, taking off his helmet mid-sprint.

Unsure at first, you stood again up, ready for the person to get nearer, and certain sufficient, there he was: your golden retriever of a crush, operating for his life. Running to you.

When he lastly got here to a halt, inches away from you, panting for breath but trying devilishly good-looking, SeoJun stated your title. “Y/N“. You might have sworn that your title had by no means sounded as melodious ever earlier than. “I’m right here,” he stated, scrapping no matter script he had written up in his thoughts.

As if pushed by intuition, you positioned your hand on his cheek, scorching with a rush of blood, and brushed the apple of his cheek along with your thumb. “So am I“, you answered, abandoning all doubts about your emotions for him.

I missed you“, you stated in unison, staring into one another’s eyes. Is this the start of eternally?


Preview for Chapter 3: Han SeoJun takes Y/N on the motorcycle date of a lifetime, displaying her a complete new world as the 2 develop nearer. Will their blooming romance lastly have a reputation?

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