According to The Cleveland Clinic, collagen is a protein that is throughout your physique—in your muscle groups, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, blood vessels, pores and skin, intestinal lining, and different connective tissue. Your physique makes collagen, however the manufacturing can lower if you become old, which might result in wrinkles and crêpey pores and skin, stiffer joints, shrinking muscle groups, joint ache, and gastrointestinal issues. And the Clinic has mentioned that collagen can also be a strength-building hair protein. Though, extra analysis must be carried out on the definitive results of collagen on hair development and well being.

To assist the formation of collagen within the physique, the Mayo Clinic says it is essential to devour sufficient meals that include vitamin C, zinc, copper, and manganese plus loads of fruits, greens, nuts, and seeds. And you may wish to keep away from extra sugar consumption, smoking, sun or UV exposure, and environmental pollution—all of which might disturb collagen manufacturing.

If you have an interest in getting extra assist in the collagen division, you can even strive some dietary supplements or different collagen merchandise. We’ve listed some extremely rated ones under. First, before you purchase, it is essential to notice that you need to test along with your physician or a healthcare skilled earlier than making an attempt any new complement or product. They know your well being historical past greatest and may give you extra customized recommendation.

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