Extraordinary Attorney Woo has confirmed they are going to be producing a second season of the hit K-Drama.

According to an unique report from Edaily, Lee Sang Baek, CEO of Acetory which is the manufacturing firm for the K-Drama, has confirmed with the media outlet that there will probably be a second season of Extraordinary Lawyer Woo Young Woo.

Thanks to the assist of many individuals, we will probably be producing season 2 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Our hopeful golden time will probably be in 2024. Our purpose is to have season 2 broadcast at the moment.

— Lee Sang Baek

Lee Sang Baek said that there will probably be as few modifications within the solid and the manufacturing staff as doable, so that may complicate the discussions and timing.

It’s not simple to coordinate the schedules of the solid and manufacturing workers, so there will probably be prolonged discussions.

Our purpose is to maintain no less than 90 % of our solid and manufacturing workers. This will take a substantial period of time to coordinate, however the plan to provide season 2 is not going to change.

— Lee Sang Baek

He continued, stating that they plan to proceed to boost curiosity within the K-Drama by the manufacturing of varied content material utilizing the K-Drama’s IP, equivalent to webtoons, a musical model which has been confirmed in manufacturing, and items.

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