Yoo Taeyang continues to show he’s the final word EXO-L!

SF9‘s Yoo Taeyang, who has consistently proven to be EXO Kai‘s biggest fan, has finally joined his role model for a dance challenge.

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EXO’s Kai | @weareone.exo/Instagram

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SF9’s Yoo Taeyang | @taeyang_0228/Instagram

SF9’s Yoo Taeyang is the most important EXO-L, and he’s not been shy about the truth that Kai is his final bias. From steadily being the primary individual to movie dance covers of EXO’s and Kai’s releases to fanning over Kai with FANTASYs, many healthful moments have been witnessed over time.

Recently, Yoo Taeyang and Kai went viral as EXO-Ls and FANTASYs labored collectively to attach the 2 idols.

It began when Yoo Taeyang was as soon as once more the primary idol to take part in Kai’s “Rover” dance problem, which earned an invitation from Kai to carry out the problem collectively.

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  • Kai: “Let’s do it together, heheh.”
  • Yoo Taeyang: “Yes! Please contact me whenever 🙌”

It then escalated to each idols hilariously consulting with their followers on Bubble about how they need to contact each other.

As followers adopted each idols’ Bubble interactions in real-time, they witnessed Yoo Taeyang making the primary transfer by DMing Kai…

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  • “You want me to send a DM?”
  • “Everyone is suggesting I DM him 😅”
  • “But I’ve never DM-ed anyone before…😔”
  • “Okay, all right. I’ll be brave and try.🤗 “

… and Kai relaying to fans that he received the message.

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  • “I’ve been typing and deleting my response a hundred times”
  • “I’m working on replying”
  • “I just realized I use a lot of exclamation points and ‘LOL’s”

That all led as much as the “Rover” dance problem that was posted simply hours in the past, which lastly united EXO’s Kai and SF9’s Yoo Taeyang, who had solely briefly met final summer season at HallyuPopFest in London.

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EXO’s Kai (left) and SF9’s Yoo Taeyang (proper) throughout their first formal assembly in 2022 | @taeyang_0228/Instagram

For the dance problem, the 2 met on the SM Entertainment constructing, and Yoo Taeyang as soon as once more proved he was the final word EXO-L.

Netizens observed that Yoo Taeyang had impressively worn the identical denims Kai wore throughout Inkigayo‘s performance earlier that day.

As anticipated, they each had been unbelievable within the dance problem as the principle dancers of their respective teams.

Fans had been excited to see their collective efforts repay and that Yoo Taeyang grew to become the final word profitable fan.

For extra on their current healthful change between themselves and followers, take a look at the article beneath!

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