Back in April throughout a fansign for the navy musical Melissa’s SongEXO‘s Chanyeol shared with a fan that once his military service was over, he was planning to finally make his solo debut!

He is still currently finishing up his military enlistment, and is set to be discharged this September. And recently, more evidence was revealed that is hinting at Chanyeol making his solo debut soon!

Chanyeol | SM Entertainment

The EXO-L Japan Official Book No.16 was released on July 29, which, among other content from the EXO members, included an interview with Chanyeol. The interview gave fans the opportunity to learn more about the EXO rapper’s inventive course of as he focuses on songwriting, composing, and producing his personal music.

Chanyeol | SM Entertaiment

At one level in his interview, the interviewer requested Chanyeol what number of songs he has on his pc (which he has defined was the one place he stored the entire songs he has created).

Chanyeol | SM Entertaiment

The quantity he revealed is extraordinarily spectacular: He mentioned he has 40 or 50 songs complete that he’s saved on his pc!

If Chanyeol goes to debut as quickly as he finishes his navy enlistment, followers are actually questioning if he’s going to release a full album, fairly than the standard single or mini-album that almost all soloists debut with. Considering that he has sufficient songs for a number of full-length albums, it appears doable!

We’ll be holding a watch out for extra information on Chanyeol’s potential solo debut!

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