Rohit Saraf’s bought all eyes on him because the actor options in an excellent groovy track titled Shola with singer AKASA not too long ago. The actor, who recovered from COVID-19 is now serving to different’s in these making an attempt occasions and we caught up with him for a fast chat about his restoration. 

Talking about capturing for the track in the course of the pandemic, Rohit mentioned, “I think I was very paranoid. I was one of the people who would look at my team after every shot, waiting to wear a mark. I was not mingling with people and sitting as far as possible. I avoid interacting with people unless I really have to. Whenever you’re in front of the camera, you’re as it is more susceptible to the virus because you’re without a mask. While it was really fun, I was rightfully very paranoid. And I did test positive right after that shoot. So it was justified.” 

Rohit Saraf

He additional revealed that the track would have been launched means earlier if he hadn’t fallen sick. He added, “Not too many people know, but we shot this song in March and we were supposed to release it in March itself. The reason it got supremely delayed was because I tested positive. I couldn’t do interviews and I was barely able to speak to anyone for even two minutes. So the song got massively pushed.” 

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