Exclusive! Rohit Roy Says Mumbai Saga Has No Unnecessary ‘Maa-Behen Ki Gaaliya’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Actor Rohit Roy has been making quite a lot of noise these days. The actor lately flaunted his toned physique and grabbed many eyeballs for his match look. He can be subsequent seen in John Abraham, Emraan Hashmi led Mumbai Saga.

Koimoi lately bought into an unique dialog with Rohit. We spoke to him about his bond with John Abraham, health suggestions and a lot extra! As most know, Roy is amongst the uncommon actors who’ve labored on TV, movies in addition to OTT platforms. But what’s his tackle express content material within the digital world?

Rohit Roy shared, “I don’t know if I can be straight-forward or honest, but no, I’m not comfortable with the way certain shows are being shot using the so-called bold scenes. You know, I’ve always believed whether it is cinema or OTT, if there’s a need for a story and it’s natural and organic, why not? By all means, they should shoot these scenes.”

Rohit Roy continued, “But just to grab eyeballs or a highpoint to show s*x or sensual scene, which looks forced eventually just to gain the audience’s attention, I don’t think that’s right. OTT should be and has been about self sensation and had we been responsible as filmmakers ourselves, the broadcasting ministry wouldn’t have clamped down on us. Now we need to be censored.”

The actor additionally gave an instance of Mumbai Saga and shared how Sanjay Gupta restricted the group from utilizing any pressured cuss phrases. He mentioned, “It’s all about self-censorship really, in fact, even in Mumbai Saga – Sanjay Gupta is very very clear that he doesn’t want expletives even if it is a gangline drama. ‘I don’t want to have unnecessary maa-behen ki gaaliya.’ It’s a clean film that the family can come together and enjoy.”

“I’ve been quite disgusted at some of the shows I’ve seen on OTT, especially the Indian shows. When you seen shows made in Hollywood or Britain, they don’t have so much of supposedly bold and sensual scenes,” Rohit Roy concluded.

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