Mona Singh, who proudly performs the position of Laal Singh Chaddha’s mom within the Advait Chandan movie, has made it clear she had no apprehensions about taking on the position which additionally required her to age from 22 to 60. The actor had made her movie debut as Aamir Khan’s sister-in-law within the 2009 blockbuster, 3 Idiots. In truth, Mona feels extraordinarily glad and completely satisfied after all of the reward that’s coming her manner for taking part in the feisty, Punjabi-speaking mother of the lead character in Laal Singh Chaddha. Also learn: Exclusive: Mona Singh on Laal Singh Chaddha’s box office performance: ‘This is the third film of my life’

In a chat with Hindustan Times, Mona Singh opened up about taking on the position within the movie. She additionally addressed the controversy surrounding one in all her strains that equates riots to ‘malaria’.

Talking about taking on the position of Gurpreet Kaur Chaddha, Mona mentioned, “I jumped at the opportunity when I was asked to audition for the role – I auditioned my dying scene and my principal scene. Three days after my audition, I immediately got a call from Aamir sir directly and from Advait. I can’t tell you how happy they were with my audition, they just wanted to meet me the next day, narrate me the movie and tell me everything about it. I loved the script, it was so Indianised and beautifully written. I thought for my age, this is going to be the biggest challenge for me to take up this role. I am not a mother and I am not that old as well, so for me to portray a full life span — from 22 to 60 was very challenging and satisfying as an actor.”

Mona is seen taking part in nearly her actual age because the mother of a younger Laal Singh Chaddha (Ahmad Ibn Umar) after which growing old to 60 because the mother of a grown up Laal (Aamir Khan). Sharing all that went into creating her look of an older lady, she mentioned, For my youthful days, there was no make-up in any respect. As I began ageing within the movie, there was so much occurring in my hair, extensions, make-up, prosthetics, my physique language, the way in which I communicate, my reflexes changing into slower, speaking with a deep baritone and respiratory bit closely.”

She even took inspiration from her personal mother to age properly on display. “I had a slight limp in my walk because I noticed my mother how she walks. We did have workshops, we went to Aamir’s farmhouse in Panchgani where we had script reading sessions and rehearsed our scenes,” she mentioned.

A Delhi-based lawyer filed a grievance towards Aamir Khan and others associated to the movie for allegedly “disrespecting the Indian Army and hurting Hindu Sentiments” in Laal Singh Chaddha. He objected to a scene the place a Pakistani personnel asks Laal Singh Chaddha, “I offer Namaz and pray, Laal, why don’t you do the same?” Laal replies, “my mother said all this puja paath is malaria. It causes riots.”

In the movie, Mona’s Gurpreet Kaur Chaddha asks younger Laal to not step out amid riots led by communal pressure, saying ‘malaria faila hua hai (there’s malaria outdoors).’ Speaking within the movie’s defence, Mona mentioned, “I think people who have raised an issue with the line have definitely not watched the film. The kind of son I have, Laal, he is a slow boy and understands things only when I explain them well. At that age, you cannot tell a kid that there are riots going on and people are killing each other. What is the best solution — the way a mother can explain something so massive in such a beautiful way , ‘Desh me malaria faila hua hai’. He gets it bang on that its not the right time to step out of the house. I never bought guns for my nephew, I bought Lego, books or other toys. You don’t hand them guns or talk about issues like killing.”

She added, “People who have watched the film have not raised a question. It’s so simple, there’s nothing to feel bad, there is no political thing going on in the film.”

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