Director Jasmeet Okay Reen delivered a sixer together with her first characteristic movie, `Darlings`. The darkish comedy that was centered on the subject of home violence starred Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, Vijay Varma, and Roshan Matthew within the lead. The movie received a worldwide release on Netflix in early August and shortly grew to become some of the watched movies on Netflix throughout the globe. While the movie was closely praised, ask Jasmeet one of the best praise she acquired and she or he stated throughout a dialog with, “Thankfully, the film as a whole has been received well which is the best compliment. Although the other day I met a lady director, who is one of the warmest people I have met, She said that her crew is trying to set her up on a dating site, she told them that she`s 50 years old already, `ab kya dating`. And they said, `Samshu..?`. Familiarity with characters like this, melts my heart. PS – Can`t name this lovely lady, as I don`t know if she would want to be. You know who you are (smiles)”.

Domestic violence is by nature a delicate subject. Ask her what made her need to give it a darkish comedy twist, she stated, “The story lent itself to the genre. The one-line idea that I had was that of a mother-daughter duo to fix the daughter`s marriage and they come up with crazy ideas to do so. We wanted to be sensitive and responsible towards the issue, but at the same time one didn`t want to preach. The dark comedy allows you to be uncomfortably real, even say things you may think but not voice, like the mother in the film. Characters don`t crack jokes, they are stuck in a mess. The situation is funny and extraordinary but all they are doing is trying to wriggle out of situations time and again.”

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`Darlings` depends closely on the character of its characters. From Alia`s Badrunissa Shaikh to Vijay`s Hamza to Shefali`s Shamshunissa, each character had peculiar characterization and have been very totally different from one another and simply stood out. When requested if there was any character that was significantly troublesome to form , Jasmeet shared, “Each character helps shape the other, they are all connected. Together they are the soul of the film. The mother-daughter duo`s pain comes from Hamza`s violence, the daughter`s dilemma comes from his magnetic charm. Zulfi brings the cops into this world but gets stuck himself. While the salon lady`s character raises the question, how and when did we become so immune and complacent?”

While the movie was praised for its subject and strategy, it additionally led to in-depth dialogue on social media platforms. One of the matters that have been mentioned was the climax of the movie. Some discovered it to be very handy. But is {that a} thought that crossed the thoughts of Jasmeet and co-writer Parvez? “There are these two women who dealt with violence differently. Badru is an optimistic dreamer, a believer in good, she flips when she realises that she loved the wrong man, she contemplates becoming a scorpion like him but then she lets go and truly finds herself when she realises that her respect is her`s and it`s not something she needs from him. The arc is heroic and cathartic. She can`t change a man who doesn`t want to change but she can walk away. His fate is his karma.”

Finally, owing to the love and hate the characters of `Darlings` have acquired, does Jasmeet take into account making a stand-alone movie on any of the characters? “Abhi toh maa-beti have found peace, why separate them,” she stated. 


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