Divorced couple Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Shaikh will not be co-parenting their daughter anymore. In an unique report, we gathered how Shaikh has been elevating her daughter all by herself, whereas Ali hasn’t been allowed to fulfill the kid.

Actors Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Shaikh have maintained a dignified silence on their divorce since we reported it in January. However, it appears the couple just isn’t cordial relating to their daughter, Ayra. We have solely learnt that they haven’t been co-parenting their little one for whereas. A supply near the couple shares, “Sanjeeda is not letting Aamir meet their daughter. It’s been almost nine months since he met her. Also, he seems to have given up pursuing it as well. He doesn’t really wish to fight on this anymore.”

We have additionally learnt that Ali won’t be part of their daughter’s third birthday celebration in August. “Sanjeeda took the responsibility of the baby, including financially, since she was born and has been raising her as a single parent,” says one other supply.

When requested about not letting Ali meet their daughter, Shaikh says, “I think people are more interested to know what’s happening in my professional life than my personal life. So let’s keep the personal life private only. As for the rumours, I’d just say, as a single parent, I’m doing everything to give my daughter the best of the best. To bring her up in a positive environment is my utmost priority, and I chose that.”

Ali, however, says, “I don’t wish to talk about my personal life.”

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