Warning: Contains SPOILERS from the Dune books.

Despite its prolonged runtime and in-depth world-building, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune solely tells half the story of Frank Herbert’s authentic novel. Dune Part 2 is coming in 2023, and there have additionally been confirmations relating to who will likely be becoming a member of the Dune 2 solid. More and extra is getting revealed in regards to the destiny of House Atreides in Dune 2.

The major story of Dune focuses on Paul Atreides, the teenage son of Duke Leto who travels to the desert planet Arrakis together with his household. Arrakis, often known as Dune, is a desert planet and the one identified hub for the manufacturing of Spice – a mystical substance that may each heighten consciousness and gas interstellar journey. Although the Atreides head to Arrakis to reform Spice manufacturing and improve prosperity, it quickly turns into clear that they’ve walked right into a entice laid by the Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV and their mortal enemies, the Harkonnens. Paul is pressured to flee together with his mom, the Lady Jessica (played by Rebecca Ferguson) earlier than mustering a rebellious preventing drive from the native individuals, the Fremen.


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The novel itself concludes with the destruction of House Harkonnen, the autumn of the royal House Corrino, and the set up of Paul – now identified by his followers as Muad’Dib – as the subsequent Emperor. Villeneuve’s first film finishes lengthy earlier than these occasions, and as an alternative focuses on establishing the narrative and establishing the world of Dune. As a consequence, there’s nonetheless a lot of the story left to be informed in a future sequel, with thrilling additions to the Dune 2 solid confirmed. Here’s every little thing identified about Dune Part 2 to this point.

Dune Part 2: New Cast And Returning Characters

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In phrases of the Dune 2 solid, Emperor Shaddam IV, who will notably be performed by Christopher Walken, is maybe probably the most anticipated character – however solely as a result of there’s been no information relating to any attainable casting selections for the House Atreides battle pug. Moreover, some may argue that this honor belongs to Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen or Princess Irulan, who will likely be performed by Austin Butler and Florence Pugh respectively. Meanwhile, Lady Margot, the Bene Gesserit spouse of Count Hasimir Fenring, will likely be performed by Léa Seydoux.

These are usually not the one new characters that viewers can anticipate to see in Dune Part 2. Notably, there’s been no information relating to who will play Alia Atreides, often known as Alia of the Knife. In the e-book, Paul’s sister Alia is a born prescient whose powers are woke up within the womb when Lady Jessica ingests the Water of Life. This occurs throughout a ritual through which Jessica turns into a Sayyadina, a Reverend Mother to the Fremen. There have been rumors about Anya-Taylor Joy taking part in the position of Alia within the Dune 2 solid, though these rumors might be simply as false as those about Harry Styles taking part in Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen.

In phrases of the returning solid, a number of key characters must return for Dune Part 2 to be successful. Not solely would Timothy Chalamet’s Paul Atreides must characteristic prominently, however figures comparable to Javier Bardem’s Stilgar, Zandaya’s Chani and Rebecca Ferguson’s Lady Jessica will even must play important elements. However, ought to the movie observe the e-book, some characters wouldn’t make return appearances. Oscar Isaac’s Duke Leto, as an illustration, wouldn’t seem until in flashback type after his demise by the hands of the Harkonnens. On the opposite hand, Jason Mamoa’s Duncan Idaho will get resurrected as a ghola within the books, whereas Josh Brolin’s Gurney Halleck reunites with Paul sooner or later within the second half of Frank Herbert’s Dune – and they’re probably additionally a part of the Dune 2 cast. The sequel will even reveal what occurs to Stellan Skarsgård’s Baron Vladimir after he was poisoned by Leto’s tooth.

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Dune Part 2 Story Details – What Happens In The Book?

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The new film covers roughly half of the unique novel, up till Paul’s assembly with the Fremen tribe led by Stilgar. This signifies that Dune Part 2 will likely be an action-packed blockbuster centered on the guerilla warfare between Paul’s Fremen and Arrakis’ Harkonnen oppressors. After a two-year battle, Paul will finally emerge victorious and even efficiently depose the Emperor after Shaddam IV makes an attempt to convey Arrakis to heel with the presence of his elite Sardaukar stormtroopers. This units the stage for the broader Dune saga and the ascension of House Atreides.

Dune Part 2 Release Date

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Dune 2 will likely be launched in theaters on October 20, 2023 – so long as the manufacturing sticks to its schedule of beginning in July. Not solely has screenwriter Eric Roth confirmed {that a} full remedy for Dune Part 2 has already been written, however director Denis Villeneuve had already revealed in an interview with Total Film (via Games Radar) that he’s optimistic in regards to the challenge’s progress. As Villeneuve defined, “it would need a really bad outcome at the box office to not have a Dune: Part Two, because (the studio) love the movie. They are proud of the movie, so they want the movie to move forward. And they still did half of it. So, you know, I’m very optimistic.” And a sequel is certainly materializing.

Why Dune Is Split Into Two Parts

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Although Frank Herbert’s authentic 412-page novel is certainly not the longest e-book to obtain a theatrical adaptation, the universe it established is extremely complicated. In addition to the futuristic setting, the story incorporates parts of mysticism, philosophy, extrasensory notion, faith, genetics, and know-how. This signifies that any adaptation has to first take pleasure in in depth world-building with the intention to create one thing conceivable for audiences. Taking a cue from the lengthy listing of divisive or outright failed Dune adaptations, Villeneuve’s determination to make two films is the primary time for any director to crack the issue of being restricted to a single movie. By splitting the movie into two elements, Villeneuve has given himself the perfect alternative to ship a devoted recreation that does justice to Herbert’s beloved seminal sci-fi masterpiece.

The new Dune 2 solid – Florence Pugh, Christopher Walken, Austin Butler, and Léa Seydoux – face an amazing problem in satisfying viewers expectations about their respective characters. However, the success of the primary Dune bodes nicely for Villenueve’s Dune Part 2. If every little thing goes nicely, Villenueve may simply get the possibility to full his trilogy adaptation with Dune Part 3, which might be based mostly on Frank Herbert’s second book Dune: Messiah.

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  • Dune 2 (2023)Release date: Oct 20, 2023

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