As a sport with a darker tone, BOTW 2 wants to take a look at, and enhance upon, parts from the franchise’s famously unusual sport: Majora’s Mask.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is receiving a sequel that appears slightly darkish compared to the unique, calling to thoughts the eerie ambiance of Majora’s Mask. It’s been too lengthy since Zelda embraced the potential so as to add a darker entry to the collection, nevertheless it signifies that Nintendo has had loads of time to look again on the weather of Majora’s Mask that made it beloved and unusual. Majora’s Mask embraced the facets that made it bizarre, and Breath of the Wild 2 ought to as nicely, which might permit it to capitalize on the recognition of the darkish fantasy style.

Breath of the Wild is an open-world Zelda sport, and it introduced with it a brand new sense of marvel to an outdated franchise, giving it a contemporary feeling. While there’s a confirmed sequel for Breath of the Wild in growth, not a lot is thought about it past the builders saying that the sport might be darker. As a direct sequel, Nintendo may make Link and Zelda older in BOTW 2 as an alternative of preserving them as younger adults, however probably the most gamers can do for now concerning the dynamics they’re going to see between characters is speculate.


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Breath of the Wild 2 will not be the primary darker entry amongst the Zelda video games, however it may well be taught from Majora’s Mask, the primary Zelda sport to indicate a way more surreal and creepy aspect to the franchise. With Calamity Ganon’s defeat on the finish of Breath of the Wild, it is a good time for Nintendo to herald a special villain for BOTW 2, very like Majora’s Mask did after the occasions of Ocarina of Time. This can also be the right time for builders to resolve more Breath of the Wild plot threads, and maybe these had been left open given the information that there could be a sequel. Despite persevering with Breath of the Wild, BOTW 2 has a number of alternatives to deviate from its predecessor.

 BOTW 2 Should Include Zelda, But Not With Her Needing Link’s Help


In the vast majority of Zelda video games, Zelda is in a state of affairs that requires Link to meet his hero’s future and save her. Majora’s Mask is totally different in that Zelda is seen solely as soon as, and it is in a flashback. Zelda being in want of Link’s assist is not a requirement for a Zelda sport, and deviating from that concept opens up extra potentialities for roles that she will be able to fill. Unlike Majora’s Mask, BOTW 2 ought to characteristic Zelda in a much bigger function, and it is previous time that she takes up her impartial and fierce Sheik persona as soon as extra.

Including Zelda in a job that’s proficient in fight and exhibits her as having the ability to maintain her personal opens up the choice for builders to create a storyline in BOTW 2 the place gamers can play as her. There was virtually a female version of Link in Legend of Zelda, and a stronger, extra combat-oriented Zelda in BOTW 2 may step into the function that Linka was by no means given the prospect to fill. Zelda has at all times had skills and powers of her personal, however gamers do not get to see her use that energy usually sufficient. It’s time for her to go away the function of Damsel in Distress behind with BOTW 2 and step into the function of hero herself.

BOTW 2 Needs To Embrace Majora’s Mask’s Darker Tone


Majora’s Mask is a bizarre sport, and it isn’t shy about together with these unusual moments and characters just like the Happy Mask Salesman that give it its attribute darkish and surreal tones. It even includes a weird aspect quest the place Link might help Romani battle off a ghost assault to guard the cows of Romani Ranch. Yet it is this embrace of the stranger parts within the sport that actually provides Majora’s Mask its attraction. It’s the perfect time for a Majora’s Mask sequel, and BOTW 2 may fill that void. Fans have been praising the darker tone that the BOTW 2 trailers have proven to this point, and Nintendo must decide to creating an environment and story that dwell as much as the expectations it is giving Zelda followers.

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The open-world fashion from Breath of the Wild being continued within the sequel provides builders the prospect to incorporate the sort of delightfully bizarre aspect quests that gamers can encounter in Majora’s Mask, and conceal them all through the map. However, BOTW 2 mustn’t embrace the reliance on timing from Majora’s Mask, the place gamers have to make the most of variations of the Song of Time and hold an in depth eye on the in-game time so as to full quests. Timing is so necessary in Majora’s Mask, lag was purposely included within the Switch port so {that a} cutscene would play accurately. That strain to maintain monitor of in-game time isn’t a characteristic that BOTW 2 ought to undertake from Majora’s Mask except Nintendo desires so as to add an pointless quantity of stress for its gamers.

Song Of Healing From Majora’s Mask Can Return In BOTW 2

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BOTW 2 is able to being creepy and surreal with out including stress, and a part of Majora’s Mask surrealism got here from utilizing the Song of Healing. Meeting the unusual residents of Termina, studying about their struggles, after which soothing their ache with the Song of Healing whereas the moon continues to come back nearer to destroy all they know is a really somber and surreal expertise in Majora’s Mask. BOTW 2 must recreate these emotions in its personal manner and maybe weave new lore for the origin of the Song of Healing on this department of the Zelda timeline.

The BOTW 2 trailers have left followers each excited and curious, speculating over why Link has a new arm and what is going to occur after Link and Zelda are separated within the trailer. Most of all, followers are excited concerning the darker tone that builders have confirmed might be current in BOTW 2, reigniting recollections of the strangest Zelda sport: Majora’s Mask. For this extra mature ambiance, builders want to take a look at parts from Majora’s Mask, after which change and enhance upon them to create one other masterpiece. Developers ought to even contemplate including a concurrent storyline for Zelda that permit gamers to play as her in Breath of the Wild 2.

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