When will the hiatus finish? 😭

With the latest GOT the Beat comeback and the announcement that aespa‘s AI Nævis will soon be making her debut, fans of the SM Entertainment group have been getting increasingly frustrated with aespa’s lack of their very own group comeback.

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aespa | SM Entertainment

Though they’ve launched some collaboration songs, comparable to “Beautiful Christmas” with Red Velvet and varied tracks on the extremely collaborative 2022 Winter SM Town: SMCU Palace album, it has now been 207 days since aespa got here out with their most up-to-date group release, Girls.

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The mini-album, launched on July 8, 2022, was additionally underwhelming to some followers to start with, given its inclusion of already-released songs like “Black Mamba” and “Life’s Too Short” so that there have been only some truly new tracks. Fans are understandably anticipating any new music launched from aespa as a bunch and never a collaboration, however presently, there haven’t been any updates to their musical objectives for 2023.

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With all of the latest speak about aespa’s hiatus, nonetheless, some folks have forgotten that there are two fairly common fourth-generation K-Pop lady teams which have been on hiatus for for much longer.

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One of those teams is Weeekly. Despite their breakthrough hit with “After School” in 2021 and their following releases that additionally did nicely, there hasn’t been any new music launched from the IST Entertainment lady group since they got here out with single album Play Game: Awake and its title observe “Ven Para” on March 7, 2022. This means it has been 330 days since their final comeback, practically a 12 months in the past.

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With Jiyoon‘s departure from the group in June last year, it’s attainable they’ve needed to take additional time to readjust from being a seven-member group to a six-member one. But followers are nonetheless hoping for brand new music from the gifted K-Pop group earlier than an excessive amount of longer!

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A fourth-generation K-Pop lady group that has been on hiatus for even longer, although, is EVERGLOW. Apart from a collaboration with producer TheFatRat launched in November 2022, they haven’t had a comeback since they got here out with Return of the Girl and its title observe “Pirate” on December 1, 2021. That means 426 days have handed since their final release, or over a 12 months.

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Yiren‘s hiatus to return to China was undoubtedly a major factor in EVERGLOW’s lack of musical releases, however now that she has formally returned as of December 2022, there’s hope that the lady group is engaged on new releases slightly than bracing themselves for disbandment!

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Of course, the very last thing that followers need is for his or her idols to be overworked. But with another fourth-generation and rookie lady teams making 2-3 comebacks in 2022, it’s comprehensible why the necessity for extra music from these lady teams has been rising! Hopefully new songs from aespa, Weeekly, EVERGLOW, and different teams which have been on hiatus for some time will likely be coming quickly.

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