In a darkish Victorian setting, Gloomwood options stealth centered FPS gameplay akin to Dishonored in a survival horror world that hides worthwhile objects in safes, locked by discoverable codes to grant gamers highly effective objects to fight towards the supernatural forces that curse the land. Taking inspiration from different gothic horror environments like Bloodborne‘s Yharnam, the primary character of Gloomwood, The Doctor, should escape previous hordes of cursed people referred to as the Infected whereas traversing by the cliffs and caves of the area with out changing into a sufferer of monstrosities alongside the way in which. Taking heavy inspiration from video games like Thief, Gloomwood creates a nuanced method to stealth, having The Doctor’s each motion and motion impactful as gamers attempt to rigorously method encounters with enemies.


There might solely be three accessible ranges in Gloomwood throughout its early entry interval, but every are flushed out with superior enemy AI by the Infected, who can detect The Doctor by even the slightest modifications to sound and light-weight. Another glowing instance of why a Thief reboot should happen, Gloomwood recaptures that depth paying homage to these titles, the place gamers are always on edge questioning if the motion simply made was definitely worth the danger. An merchandise known as the Light Gem Ring signifies how alert the Infected are to the participant in Gloomwood by coloration indicators, so when exploring to seek for the hidden safes in every degree, gamers ought to develop a familiarity with that mechanic.

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Two safes exist throughout the identical degree of Gloomwood, Croup’s Fishery, the virtually tutorial that serves to show gamers in regards to the base programs current. Once found and correctly looted, gamers might retailer no matter objects from the secure of their Luggage Case, their major stock area. However, very like stock in Resident Evil and its remakes, objects take up a certain quantity of area, turning the gathering right into a puzzle of types. Players should decide and select what objects from the safes they’re able to conserving earlier than transferring on to different ranges in Gloomwood.

Finding and Opening All Safes In Gloomwood

One secure within the Croup’s Fishery degree of Gloomwood will be discovered within the Accounting Office of the Factory Floor straight within the Fishery, whereas the opposite sits in a cave subsequent to the constructing. Players have a number of choices for reaching the Accounting Office, both breaking into the boarded-up elevator shaft and climbing upward, or by breaking an adjoining window whereas risking publicity to the Infected. Also, a guard exterior that gamers might take care of nonetheless they select, unlike Dishonored‘s critiqued Chaos system, holds a key for a door previous Stairwell A that leads into the Room.

Turning off the lights within the Accounting Office present the code to the secure highlighted in inexperienced on a wall, which upon opening reveals a Revolver, revolver ammo, and a worthwhile Widow’s Brooch. The second secure is previous some picket bridges exterior the Fishery, inside a cave system not too distant. The code for this secure can’t be discovered till the Coast Cliffside degree, the place a map contained in the Lighthouse reveals the situation once more and the code drawn on a sheet of paper mendacity on a desk.

Once returning to the cave, the now unlocked secure holds one of many extra highly effective objects in Gloomwood‘s survival horror nightmare, the Undertaker Pistol. Equipped with a silencer and particular ammunition, gamers now not must depend on backstabbing to rid themselves of the Infected risk. In addition, the Pistol can use a couple of ammo kind, making it a flexible software that encourages gamers to go the additional mile to search out every secure in Gloomwood.

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