Eureka: Eureka Seven: Hi – Evolution is the third movie in an extremely odd trilogy. The first is principally an abridged remaster of a random story arc mid-way by the TV collection (with some new footage set earlier than the collection started). The second movie is ready in an alternate actuality much like our personal with the primary movie being re-contextualized as a dream world Eureka has created in an try to convey her real love, Renton, again to life. The third movie tries to tie each movies and the unique TV collection—together with a totally new, authentic plot—collectively into one closing climax. What comes out of this can be a combined bag of a movie. When it is good, it is nice. When it isn’t, it is a complete mess.

It’s clear that this movie takes some critical inspiration from The Terminator. Eureka and Iris spend the vast majority of the film on the run throughout Europe, making an attempt to remain beneath the radar. However, each time they make any form of slip up, Dewey seems, making an attempt to kill Eureka and kidnap Iris. Dewey, as a side-effect of being trapped between worlds within the earlier movie, can Astral Project right into a type that has telekinetic powers and is resistant to all however probably the most excessive types of injury—and even ought to he die, he merely reappears in his actual physique.

Eureka, then again, now not has any powers to talk of. What she does have is 10 years of army expertise, a physique she has honed right into a weapon, and an indomitable will. Iris, whereas having the identical powers as Eureka initially had, has no management over them. The movie’s greatest motion scenes contain a totally under-powered Eureka utilizing fast pondering to combat a superpowered opponent whereas defending a defenseless baby.

Eureka on this movie is an emotionally damaged, but nonetheless highly-driven, individual. She is haunted not solely by the lack of Renton however the injury she brought about to each her personal world and this one as nicely. She is accountable for the deaths of hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands, which she’ll by no means be capable to atone for. Her days are crammed with weight coaching, piloting a mecha swimsuit for Anemone, and arduous ingesting.

Anemone is her solely pal, conserving her promise from the final movie to by no means let Eureka be alone together with her grief. Now matter how bleak issues get, Eureka can flip to Anemone for help—making their relationship an extremely wholesome and constructive one. Sadly, whereas Anemone may help Eureka by the robust occasions and get her to deal with what is actually vital, she will’t heal her damaged pal. That’s the place Iris is available in.

Iris is principally what Eureka would have been if she had been raised like a standard human baby. She has a loving mom and father and her personal pastime (drawing on her smartphone). Like younger Eureka, she additionally has an influence she does not perceive—one which she involves concern as time goes on.

While the 2 begin off in a moderately antagonistic relationship, they slowly develop nearer over the course of the movie. Eureka learns to know Iris’ all-too-human feelings, desires, and desires whereas Iris comes to know that Eureka is actually the one one that is aware of what she goes by together with her world-altering powers. It’s a plausible relationship that transforms each Iris and Eureka into the very best variations of themselves—with Eureka discovering the brand new purpose to stay she’s been on the lookout for.

Unfortunately, apart from the connection between Eureka and Iris (and Eureka and Anemone), every part else within the movie falls aside. There is just method an excessive amount of happening for a single movie—particularly with regards to the ultimate act. There are far too many characters. While it is simple sufficient to know the objectives and motivations of these from the 2 earlier movies (i.e., Anemone’s staff and Renton’s adoptive dad and mom), the identical can’t be mentioned for the characters from the TV collection.

Since being pulled out of the dream world, the members of Gekkostate have had a decade of off-screen character growth. There’s simply not sufficient time within the movie to catch us up on their actions and reintroduce us to who they’re now—particularly since they’re all on Dewey’s facet as an alternative of Eureka’s.

This ties into the movie’s main downside: focus. The movie begins off nicely sufficient, organising Eureka, Iris, and their try to flee from Dewey. However, within the closing act of the movie, the stakes bounce out of the blue to a world-threatening degree and issues velocity up significantly. Once this occurs, the movie now not focuses on Eureka and Iris, however jumps from one facet character to the subsequent—seemingly for no different purpose than to present every character a closing scene earlier than the movie involves an finish. This even consists of six characters briefly seen within the earlier movie who we all know subsequent to nothing about. It’s a large number, pure and easy. It’s arduous to care in regards to the myriad of “heroic sacrifices” within the movie when now we have no emotional connection to the characters. (You’ll additionally marvel why nobody bothers to make use of their ejection seats/escape pods.)

Meanwhile, on a visible degree, the movie appears to be like nice. The motion scenes, particularly the fights between Eureka and Dewey, are easy, thrilling, and straightforward to comply with. The mecha scenes are equally enjoyable to take a look at, as soon as once more enjoying with the sky-surfing aesthetic that made the unique collection so distinct. The soundtrack, then again, is essentially forgettable. It does its job nicely sufficient—making the actions scenes thrilling and the somber scenes emotional—however there aren’t any memorable tunes you will be buzzing in your method out.

All in all, Eureka: Eureka Seven: Hi – Evolution left me feeling confused questioning who this film is for precisely. Everything is resolved in a method that is more likely to go away nobody glad. Now do not get me fallacious: there’s the core of a enjoyable, thrilling movie right here, however the try to make a climatic ending to everybody’s tales as an alternative of continuous the targeted narrative about Eureka and Iris is the place it goes off the rails. If you want Eureka as a personality and are inquisitive about seeing her develop in a method in contrast to now we have seen earlier than—or should you’re inquisitive about seeing how the general story we started within the earlier movie involves an finish—this movie remains to be value a watch. If not, I am unable to actually say I’d advocate it.

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