Everyone is doing their bit for Covid reduction in their very own way- many with cash, time, or utilizing their social media affect. Erica Fernandez’s endeavour is to assist alleviate issues and fears of her followers. She began doing reside Instagram reside classes with a wide range of consultants, whereas answering questions despatched by her followers, giving them readability.

“People need to find and watch stuff that is beneficial for them instead of Covid updates which negatively affects them. The constant bombardment of negative news plays on your mind. So, I wanted to use the social media platform and reach out to my followers, to do something for them. People are scared and holding back as they are not sure about what to do or what to ask and wondering who to ask. These followers have been with me every step of the way and it’s time I did something to help them too,” shares Fernandez. She has related with a health care provider working in a Covid ward in a metropolis hospital, a psychological well being professional, a gynaecologist on questions on interval and vaccines, a dermatologist and a chef. Next up, she is going to speak to a health professional, pediatricians, a vet, a non secular guru and so on.

The thought behind the reside classes is to present folks entry to consultants and solutions to their questions, clarifying myths as nicely. “Everyone had so many questions and had heard so many stories about Covid and other issues. We all needed answers and talking to professionals from different sectors is helping many out there. I keep identities hidden, so everyone feels comfortable asking any kind of question. Moreover, I also feel due to the pandemic and Covid-19, which is consuming us, there are so many things we are overlooking in society, especially kids and pets. That’s why I am not limiting sessions to just Covid but many other topics,” she says.

Kids weren’t affected within the first wave however they’re within the second and now they are saying, the third wave will have an effect on them greater than earlier than, says Fernandez. She provides, “We have to take care of them, their mental and physical well being and same goes for pets. People feed biscuits to stray dogs, but maida and sugar is harmful for them. People think at least we are doing something for them. Give them food without salt or sugar or masala, even rice and khichdi is fine. Abandoning animals is another issue. Pets are not just to play with or loved for their cuteness or a toy. Pets are a responsibility which one has to be ready for. They are like newborn kids who will never grow.”

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