A brand new piece of Encanto & Dragon Ball crossover fan artwork that reveals Luisa Madrigal going Super Saiyan – after discovering Mirabel has been killed.

Recent digital artwork reveals Luisa going Super Saiyan in Encanto Dragon Ball crossover artwork. Released in 2021, Encanto‘s time at the pandemic-restricted box office was not significantly profitable. However, the animated fantasy movie was a large hit when it was subsequently launched on Disney+. Set in the midst of a Colombian jungle, the family-friendly musical focuses on Mirabel Madrigal, a member of a magical household that resides in an enchanted, sentient home. Every youngster from the Madrigal household receives their powers from the home on their fifth birthday, aside from Mirabel, whose ceremony went mysteriously awry.


Although Mirabel remained powerless as she grew up in the home, feeling like an outcast amongst her household, her relations cherished her regardless. Her older sister, Luisa, sees Mirabel as an equal, though Luisa is extremely tall and has the facility of tremendous energy. Luisa’s song “Surface Pressure,” options tales of her unimaginable energy in addition to the stress of the burden that energy brings.

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In not too long ago shared Encanto digital artwork by @katzebruh, Luisa has been re-imagined as a Saiyan, and transforms right into a Super Saiyan. In two photos, one which reveals Luisa’s character redesign and the opposite that’s framed as a comic book, Luisa turns into angered by the killing of Mirabel by an unseen villian. This fuels Luisa’s energy, which she makes use of to remodel into her Super Saiyan type. Check out the pictures under:

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The use of Dragon Ball to crossover with Encanto‘s Luisa is a superb alternative, as her broad, muscular physique kind aligns with Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama‘s designs for his unique characters. Adding a narrative to totally clarify Luisa’s reasoning behind her transformation is an efficient contact to the artwork, giving a deeper emotional foundation for her bodily change. When requested if the comedian is just the start of additional crossover artwork, Katze explains that there might be extra to return.

In Encanto, Luisa struggles together with her tremendous energy and the emotional strain inherent in her obligations, able to burst from inside. This aligns itself with the idea of Dragon Ball‘s Super Saiyan, as they obtain their golden-haired type when their true energy has bubbled to the floor, forcing them to remodel right into a state that may keep such uncooked vitality. Katze manages to splendidly mix each Encanto and Dragon Ball, expertly emulating each character’s design aesthetics on this spectacular fan artwork.

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