Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt made films for over thirty years underneath their banner Vishesh Films. Earlier this 12 months, the 2 introduced a surprising skilled separation. In a current interview, actor Emraan Hashmi, who began his appearing profession with the Bhatt clan, opened up about Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt’s break up.

Expressing his dismay at Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt’s separation, Emraan stated in an interview with Times Of India, “I have many fond memories of Vishesh Films. I just wish we all come back together to do a film. I don’t know what the subject will be, though… All good things come to an end. Equations change. Nothing is permanent. And I am saying this without knowing the details of what has played out between them.”

The actor additionally shared that retaining skilled variations apart, he’s nonetheless in contact with each the brothers. He stated, “As far as I am concerned, I still talk to both of them. Mukeshji wished me before Mumbai Saga. I am in touch with Mahesh Bhatt.”

After three many years of churning out hit movies underneath the Vishesh Films banner, brothers Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt went their separate methods earlier this 12 months. Mukesh Bhatt had stated in a press release, “Mahesh is not out of Vishesh Films per se. Please get this clear. The company Vishesh Films has been mine. My brother was a Creative Consultant on several projects even after he had stopped directing. If I have a film hereafter where I need him, he will be there for his creativity. We have had no fight, but he does not want to hold the position anymore.”

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