Actor Elnaaz Norouzi, who was seen doing back-to-back dance numbers in two huge current releases, finds the tag- merchandise track imprecise and feels that in Bollywood songs do play an important function in shaping up a movie.

“Why tag songs or actors as item song or girl? I don’t have any aversion to it but I don’t agree with the tag either. Each film is a right mix of story, music and characters. Not one without the other works in Bollywood. So, for me, if I am doing a song or playing a bigger role, for both parts, I have to put in equal efforts. As an artiste, my hard work remains same and I have to give my best shot whether I am dancing or acting,” says the Sacred Games and Abhay actor.

The younger actor who was seen final in Juggjug Jeeyo and Rashtra Kavach Om believes that for an actor the battle isn’t over. She provides, “I had to struggle a lot to reach a place where I am known face now. There were times when I had no money and was difficult to sustain but God has been kind as I had friends who stood by me. Now, I don’t want to recall all that as it’s good to move on but there have been really hard times I have been through. I can just say that the struggle is real for actors who don’t have film background, especially in the beginning.”

Seen in taking part in double roles in tasks like Sacred… and Chutzpah, Norouzi says she nonetheless goes for audition even after having the ability to discover a footing within the business. “As an actor one needs continue exploring oneself as a performer and what better than auditioning. As all big film industries even the big stars never stop auditioning so what’s the hue and cry about,” says the actor.

Norouzi provides, “See, I never had a plan B ever in my life I was very determined when I joined the industry that Bollywood has to work for me, come what may. So, shying away from auditions or running away from hard work was never me. And see, today I am in a secure place working for banners that are always on every newcomer’s bucket. I am slowly ticking them off that means I am well on the right track.”

Next she can be seen Made in Heaven 2 and Hollywood challenge Kandahar with Gerard Butler.

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