Actor Elnaaz Norouzi is spending anxious days and fretful nights as she stays out of contact together with her household in Iran amid the continued turmoil, and needs to make use of her voice to deliver individuals’s consideration on “how women continue to get oppressed”.

“It is very important for us to talk about what is happening in the country because it is human rights violations.. They have cut off the internet, so that people cannot communicate with the people outside,” says Norouzi, who hails from Iran, the nation which is seeing a collection of violent protests following the loss of life of Mahsa Amini in custody.

The 30-year-old continues, “I am not able to reach my family. Every way of communication is blocked. It is kind of retarded, what’s going on over there. Unless we be the voice and make sure that it comes to everyone’s notice, nothing is going to change”.

It was not too long ago when she acquired a message from one among her cousins why she managed to get entry to the web briefly. And the message didn’t paint a cheerful image.

“She got access to the internet for five minutes, and messaged me saying they are well but I had not spoken to her for over three days. Not being in contact with them leads to so much anxiety. My cousin was telling me that there is tear gas everywhere. I am so worried,” provides the actor, who has featured in tasks reminiscent of Sacred Games, Abhay and Tehran.

She confesses, “I wake up every morning, see all the new videos, and cry all day. I’m spending all my time on the internet, seeing what all is happening. The videos make me cry every time. I pray and hope for better days. I keep posting through my social media so that I can create awareness”.

In one video posted on her Instagram, the actor revealed that she was additionally taken to a detention centre as a result of her ankles have been seen in her pants.

“I remember my family was freaking out at that time. I was lucky that I had two phones on me. So when they took my phone, they didn’t know I had another one. And with that one, I could actually stay in touch with my family and tell them what’s going on and where I am… If I was in Iran, I would have gone on the road and would have protested as well. I would have not just sat at home for sure,” she says.

She may be away from her residence nation, however she is standing up for the individuals of her nation in these troubled instances. “I’m posting every day so that more people will see it and they get to know about it, and change can happen,” she ends with a hope.

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