Elden Ring gamers can wield highly effective magic to deal injury to foes, and the Godskin Prayerbook unlocks life-sapping Black Flame Incantations.

Elden Ring’s magic has confirmed to be one of the vital highly effective forces within the Lands Between, and gamers can be taught helpful Incantation spells from Prayerbooks just like the Godskin Prayerbook. The Godskin Prayerbook could be given to a “learned cleric” with a purpose to unlock the flexibility to buy new Godskin Apostle Incantations. There are solely two of those cleric NPCs within the Lands Between, however since each of them are straightforward to search out, gamers will have the ability to be taught loads of Incantations from them throughout their journey.

The first discovered cleric Elden Ring gamers will probably meet is Brother Corhyn, who could be discovered close to the primary Site of Grace in Roundtable Hold. However, as soon as gamers attain the Church of Vows within the Liurnia of the Lakes region, they’ll have the ability to be taught Incantations and Sorceries from Miriel, Paster of Vows as properly. Each of those distributors may have just a few primary spells on the market at first, however they’ll provide new Incantations every time gamers deliver them a brand new Prayerbook.


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The Godskin Prayerbook can be utilized to unlock Elden Ring’s “Black Flame” and “Black Flame Blade” Incantations. “Black Flame” permits the caster to hurl a black flame fireball at foes, and charging this assault will trigger the fireball to blow up and deal extra injury. “Black Flame Blade” is a buff that enchants the caster’s weapon with black flame, rising its injury and sapping enemy HP for a short while after they’re struck. This buff doesn’t final lengthy, however it’s fast to solid and can be utilized repeatedly directly as a part of a combo assault.

Elden Ring – How To Get The Godskin Prayerbook & Godslayer’s Seal

The Godskin Prayerbook can be found in Elden Ring's Stormveil Castle.

The Godskin Prayerbook could be discovered inside Elden Ring’s Stormveil Castle in West Limgrave. From the Rampart Tower Site of Grace, gamers can bounce down the roofs to the east till reaching the courtyard beneath. This will put them proper in entrance of the door to a cellar. After combating the rats inside, gamers can use a Stonesword Key to move by means of the fog gate and into the following room. The Godskin Prayerbook will likely be within the chest to the proper. Alternatively, gamers can attain the cellar by means of the courtyard simply outdoors the Liftside Tower Site of Grace. However, many enemies on this courtyard will pursue the participant into the cellar, and the rooftop route will let gamers keep away from this doubtlessly troublesome battle.

However, earlier than Elden Ring players leave Stormveil Castle, they need to make sure you decide up the Godslayer’s Seal within the room’s different chest. The Godslayer Seal buffs the facility of Godskin Apostle Incantations, together with the “Black Flame” and “Black Flame Blade” spells which might be unlocked with the Godskin Prayerbook. Since these Incantations additionally deal hearth injury, they are often buffed even additional with the Fire-Scorpion Charm and the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear.

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Elden Ring is accessible on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox X|S.

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