Root Resin is among the most coveted crafting supplies in Elden Ring. The shiny orange substance is used to craft elemental greases for weapons.

Root Resin is a crafting materials in Elden Ring that gamers could have a tricky time discovering across the Lands Between. Root Resin is secreted from the roots of the Greattree and materializes as a shiny orange substance in grassy areas. Root Resin can be utilized to craft numerous gadgets like consumable, omnipotent greases used to imbue weapons with powers. While it isn’t essential to search out Root Resin in Elden Ring, doing so is immensely helpful in the long term.

Root Resin is among the most essential crafting assets in Elden Ring as a result of gadgets it could actually create. Although Root Resin just isn’t as tough to search out as items like Deathroot in Elden Ring, it could actually nonetheless be robust for gamers to find. Root Resin is the important thing ingredient in greases, used to coat weapons with completely different buffs. These buffs often imbue some form of elemental harm to gamers’ weapons. Players can mix Root Resin with gadgets like Smoldering Butterflies and String to create greases that may make weapons more practical in fight.


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Root Resin can create all varieties of greases like Fire Grease, Magic Grease, Lightning Grease, Holy Grease, Rot Grease, Blood Grease, and Dragonwound Grease. In addition, gamers also can create the extra short-lived variations of greases comparable to Drawstring Fire Grease, Drawstring Magic Grease, Drawstring Lightning Grease, Drawstring Holy Grease, and Drawstring Rot Grease. Each of those greases could be utilized to a weapon to change its assaults and add completely different elemental harm sorts. Greases are particularly helpful through the hardest boss battles in Elden Ring.

Finding & Farming Root Resin In Elden Ring

How To Find And Farm Root Resin Menu Elden Ring

Players can discover Root Resin all through a number of areas within the Lands Between. Firstly, the Nomadic Merchant has ten items of Root Resin obtainable to buy for 50 runes every. Root Resin may also be discovered scattered round Limgrave, Weeping Peninsula, Murkwater Catacombs, Stormfoot Catacombs, and Stormhill. Players will discover the intense orange Root Resin dotted together with the roots of bushes all through these areas. However, one option to farm Root Resin in Elden Ring is to collect an infinite stack of the coveted crafting merchandise.

Players making an attempt to farm Root Resin should head to the Site of Grace on the Warmaster’s Shack within the Stormhill area. The Warmaster’s Shack is positioned simply to the west of Saintsbridge. Just like different strategies of farming materials in Elden Ring, gamers should use the close by Site of Grace. Once gamers have activated the Site of Grace on the shack, they need to head to the tree positioned immediately in entrance of the Site of Grace. The tree often has round three items of Root Resin round its base. Once gamers have collected the Root Resin, they’ll farm it by resting on the close by Site of Grace to respawn the tree’s provide of resin.

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Elden Ring is obtainable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

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